Tips for Building a Construction Business Website

While traditional and word-of-mouth marketing are still critical in the construction industry, having a high-quality website that is informational and attractive will go a long way in promoting yourself as a professional and authority in the field. The quality and performance of your website will directly reflect how people see the professionalism of your company. Here are four tips to help you in building a website for your construction business. Just FYI, the most important tip to remember is to seek professional help. Just like you want your customers to choose a professional over attempting to DIY their project, you will need professional help when building your website.

1. Know your audience


Who is your website targeting? If you have residential and commercials sides to your business, you may want to consider having completely separate pages to your website for each since the target audience will have different needs and expectations. Knowing your audience will enable you to design a website that is tailored to their wants and interests. You can customize both the design and content to your audience, which will make your branding more effective. Knowing your audience will allow you to accurately market to the right areas, which will make your overall marketing more effective.

2. Design the website for your audience


The last thing you want is for your website to look like it was designed by an amateur. Contractor Gorilla designs websites specifically for contractors. They understand the market and how to reach your target audience. Working with a professional web designer will give your the resources of having pros who are knowledgable and experienced. While you may not see the website as a direct reflection of your abilities as a construction company, your website visitors will see it that way. If your web design is unattractive, not reader-friendly, or poorly constructed, visitors will take it as a reflection of your business. By hiring a professional, you are also demonstrating that you take your business seriously. Contractor Gorilla will utilize their experience in web design to create an awe-inspiring online experience for people that visit your site.

3. Ensure the site is user-friendly


Being user-friendly means your website loads quickly and is simple to navigate. Research shows that if a web page takes more than four seconds to load, the visitor will go back to the search page and click on other sites. Your web designer will work with you to ensure the site is easy to navigate, and that the content flows from page to page in a way that will make sense to your audience. Choosing VPS hosting will ensure the site loads quickly. OVH Cloud offers effective hosting for gaming, so it is more than capable of handling a large volume of high-quality photos and videos. This will allow your designers to include virtual tours, as well as high-resolution images and videos displaying your work.

4. Provide valuable content


You want visitors to see you as an authority within your field, and the best way to accomplish that is by providing valuable content. In addition to images and videos that display your work, you can provide written content, infographics, and videos on topics of interest to your target audience. Creating simple how-to videos will not only provide valuable content but will also give visitors a chance to see you in action. Putting a face and voice to a name will allow visitors to feel like they know you and develop a level of trust. Providing free content will also inspire confidence because it gives the visitor the feeling that your company isn’t all about making a profit. You are offering them help and information for free, so they are more likely to return to your website when they need professional help.