Time Tracker Apps: Manage Your Remote Team Efficiently

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Managing a remote team an ensuring your employees are handling tasks and keeping up to date with deadlines often causes a heap of uncertainty for project managers and business owners. However, the incredible affordability of employing freelance staff and opting out of traditional workspaces suggests that overcoming certain issues of managing remote staff is well worth the effort. When taking into account that remote staff members are usually far more productive as employees working in traditional office spaces often spend their days staring at the clock and waiting for the day’s end, while remote staff and freelancers spend their days attempting to cram as much work into a day as possible. However, it is crucial to ensure your remote team members are managed efficiently, otherwise, boosting productivity is highly unlikely.

Time Tracking Software And Online Timesheets

The solution lies within innovative software solutions that have been designed specifically for remote team management. Even though businesses in every industry and of any size can greatly benefit from using these incredibly accessible software systems, remote teams would not be able to function without it. Time tracking apps enable project managers and business owners to monitor the productivity of their team from where ever they are. Because these platforms are usually compatible with mobile devices, team members and managers can work from anywhere and keep up to date with impending deadlines and potential changes in project specifications. Rather than risking your emails being overlooked or lost by your employees, using a work time tracker will allow you to rest assured that the mundane aspects of managing your team are being handled for you. What’s more, this type of software is also impressible accurate, which means you will be able to diminish the risk of human error when it comes to data entries regarding employee hours works and other crucial data that impacts your business.

Even though time tracking software and online timesheets are similar software developments, it would be wise to opt for a platform that provides both functions as there are slight differences. Time tracking software will allow you to track the number of hours your employees work, help you delegate tasks with ease, and some platforms even offer an inbuilt communication platform, while you will also be able to take advantage of real-time notifications sent to you and your team as soon as an error has been detected. Online timesheets would provide the best solution for generating analytical reports containing each employee’s data while also ensure you are able to stay on top of project budgets. In addition to these fantastic features, you can also make use of online timesheets to simplify payroll. While most human recourses departments would agree that payroll can be an absolute nightmare, especially if timesheets contain hard to detect inaccurate data. Luckily, software solutions will remove the concern altogether.

Benefits Of Time Tracking For Remote Staff

While these software solutions will be undeniably beneficial for you as a project manager or a business owner, you may be wondering how switching your methods might affect your employees. The good news is that your staff will likely be able to benefit greatly from these innovative software solutions as well. This is because your remote staff will be able to enjoy accurate on-time payments, which is often not the case when managing remote teams via email. In addition to this, employees will have absolute project clarity that will ensure they are able to properly manage their own schedules. Remote employment can often result in endless multitasking, which leads to errors. Rather than overwhelm your staff with uncertainty, time tracking apps and online timesheets will help create certainty. This means you will also have to deal with significantly less missed deadlines and unplanned absences as you will be able to monitor your team’s progress in real-time.

It would be a great idea to opt for a platform that provides a free trial period, in which you and your team members can assess the available features and functions and determine which software would be the most appropriate. Navigating platforms before subscribing is always best when testing new software and determining how your employees and your business will ultimately benefit from use. Although, you can expect boosted employee production and a drastic reduction in inaccurate data entries as two main advantages of using this type of software. There are various types of apps available on the market, which is why it would be wise to assess which apps are best for your type of business.