Thinking of Transferring Thunderbird to Outlook?

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There are several drawbacks rendering Thunderbird unsuitable for formal correspondence. Although free, it is obviously inferior to Outlook, which comes with improved and updated security, exchange server support, scheduling options, and other tools mandatory for professional software.

Hence, transfer to a better mail client is a reasonable thing to do. But how should one go about it? Read the best professional advice for the move from Thunderbird mail to Outlook, and choose a method for the operation. Whatever prompts you to do it, you are sure to appreciate the benefits of specialized tools, and here is why.

Manual Method

Naturally, Internet users love getting stuff for free, so purchasing a tool for mail transfer may seem unnecessary. There are, however, significant downsides and risks associated with the manual procedures. Not only will you risk losing or damaging your data, but you will also have to find a converter to transform the .MSF files into the .PST format accepted by Outlook.


  1. Create a new desktop folder and give it a name.
  2. Run Tbird and transport the required emails to this new folder via drag-and-drop.
  3. Run Outlook.
  4. Transport the contents of the newly generated folder into the Outlook folder.

Please note that the described sequence will only work on Outlook 2010, or 2013-2016. The sequence cannot guarantee complete and accurate conversion, particularly in case of large files. On the other hand, you could take advantage of the longer IMAP method.

  1. In Gmail Settings, pick Forwarding POP/IMAP.
  2. Turn on the IMAP server.
  3. Go to Tbird Account settings.
  4. Click the Email button under “Create a new account”.
  5. Pick “Skip this and configure with existing email.”
  6. Click “Continue” in the Mail Account Setup window.
  7. In the window that pops up, activate the IMAP server and click “Done”.
  8. Create a special Gmail folder and export the Tbird data.
  9. Configure Outlook to Gmail through IMAP server.
  10. Download data from Gmail.

This method still has its limitations, and the messages may not stay intact.

Special Tools

To ensure safety and convenience, consider the programs devised specially to facilitate transfer between Tbird and Outlook. The best products of this kind come with:

  • Clear interface

You do not need to be a pro fluent in IT jargon. Often, there is a single window with only a few buttons to click. It is intuitively clear, and even newbies will handle the process with ease.

  • Automated location and conversion

You do not need to scour your system for certain files or folders required for the operation. The system locates all the emails and attachments, even despite their uneven distribution across the Tbird installation folder.

  • Information protection

When third-party services are involved, your sensitive data may be leaked. However, a program installed on your machine will ensure all the emails stay with you.

  • Wizard

This guides you through conversion, and it is indispensable for some users. It guarantees smooth completion of each step and error-free performance.