Things You Must Know About Electronic System for Travel Authorization

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Entering the United States is not at all easy, since the country has embellished itself with a number of papers that you must go through in order to get a Visa and then through some more afterwards. This has made the United States of America has become something of an exclusive area, where entry rests upon a few prerequisites. However, there is one single ‘prerequisite’ which will call upon your undivided attention as it determines whether you’ll be entering the States or not. That said, your fate rests within the hands of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization and here are the things you must know about the ESTA.

What Is an ESTA?

ESTA’s are virtually the one thing that will have you enter the United States of America under the VWP, which is a Visa Waiver Program. What they do is determine a person’s eligibility to visit the U.S.A., which happens through their automated system. Additionally, any traveler coming from a VWP country will go through the process as it is mandatory, whether that is by air or sea.

The ESTA holds many useful features, which give an ESTA holder benefit from these perks. The professional at ESTA Form explain the many useful features of an ESTA visa, with one being that it is valid for 2 years and allows multiple entries into the United States. It does not stop there, as it also allows you up to 90 days stay in the United States.

Applying for an ESTA

When applying for your ESTA you will have a number of steps to prepare yourself for. However, it is not at all a lengthy procedure. Still, what comes before and after may take more time than you had initially intended. Here is how you apply for an ESTA:

Good Internet

Applying from a good and decent laptop will expedite the process as you will not have to deal with the inconveniences of having your internet break down. You will also be avoiding incidents of having to refill your application if an error was to occur with your network.


You will need your passport to apply for the ESTA. This will make you recognized as a citizen by the visa waiver country. If you are a citizen of more than one country, then it is crucial that you provide information concerning all of these passports.

Contact Information

This will include information about your family along with an emergency contact. The former serves the purpose of providing information, while the latter is intended to protect you in case you get into a car accident.

Further Details

You will include a number of information on your application which will include a U.S. contact person detail, a U.S. address detail, and employment details.


ESTA will accept credit card payments and debit card payments, and you will have to pay within a 7 day period.

An ESTA is clearly needed to enter the United States, which you will need to do at least once in your lifetime. Keep in mind that receiving an ESTA is not a green light to the country. You may have to wait for a few other things.