Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Attorney

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They say that there are three people you would need to live a successful and happy life and a great attorney is one of them. Having an attorney will definitely make your life better not just in keeping you out of lawsuits but in helping you understand the law better too. They could provide legal advice from time to time on everyday things like handling your business and other personal endeavors. What they have to say is absolutely important but there are things you do not want to hear from them, ever. Here are some:

“Let Me Refer You To My Associates”

This is something you do not want to hear when you are seeking proper consultation or legal counseling from your attorney. It either means your attorney is working on something else entirely, does not have time for you or does not want to work with you at all. Either way, it simply means he is not ready to take you in as a client at the moment and you should probably go to someone else.

“We Are Losing The Case”

Legal battles are difficult and challenging, even for attorneys. It could take time, effort and not to mention, an unholy amount of money. That’s why hearing that you are losing an important court battle or settlement is bad news. In choosing an attorney who will handle a very important legal problem, find someone who already had prior experience in handling similar cases to give you an edge against difficult issues involving criminal law. Although you don’t want to lose your case, it’s good to be realistic as well. According to Dinan Law, the part of an attorney’s task includes preparing a client for any potential punishment they could face. It’s an important part of legal counseling because it provides access to legal information that will help you to prepare action and response.

“You Are Losing Money”

Like previously mentioned, legal fees are really expensive. Hearing from your attorney that you are losing money could mean that your case is already making you broke. This is something you couldn’t afford. Aside from losing money, it could mean you do not have enough to pay for further legal fees thus impeding the progress of your case. Although lawyer’s fees are pretty much standard and already set, there is no harm in negotiating the price to suit your budget. You could look for law firms that offer free initial legal consultations and other free services. Even better, there are attorneys who do pro-bono work. You just have to find the right one for you.

Not hearing from you attorney, at all.

Imagine you have important papers needed to be signed or you have been summoned to court but your lawyer is not picking up the phone, wouldn’t that be stressful? Well, that’s not a good sign. You do not want an attorney who is bailing out on you in times of need. You want someone present and who will be there in every aspect of your case.

“I’m On Leave, Indefinitely”

This is something very similar to not hearing from your attorney. Although everyone needs some time off, not knowing when your attorney will be back from vacation or leave could be worrisome. This is especially true if you are in the middle of an important business opportunity or legal dispute. If this is the case, maybe you need to find yourself a new attorney- someone more committed to work with you.

“I Can’t Handle This”

One of the perks of having an attorney is the confidence that you can go face any legal problem if one presents itself. So, when your lawyer tells you they can not handle your problem, that is a bigger problem. That’s what happens when your lawyer is inexperienced, new to the business, or does not have reliable associates to make a referral.

“There Is A Conflict Of Interest”

Although quite rare, it could happen. Conflict of interest is when your attorney does not have your best interest in mind but that of someone else. It is better for your attorney to drop out of the case than pursue given the situation. This is when referrals are helpful. You need to make sure your attorney is honest about it so you go to the next step.

“I Don’t Know That Much About The Law.

You do not want to have an attorney who does not know the law by heart and only goes to google for rescue. Although they would need to do research to handle every case better, not knowing the most essential and vital part of the law could put you in more trouble. Credentials and reputation are very important in order to avoid this situation. You do not want to be an experimental rabbit to practice law with.

“I Forgot To Tell You We Have A Trial, In 5 Minutes”

One thing an attorney should avoid is being irresponsible. Is it unworthy of your money and you could be risking jail time for it. Lawyers should be able to communicate important matters to their clients including court appearances, significant meetings, and other scheduled events that need strict compliance. It is important that you comply with required schedules because there are repercussions when you fail to appear to court or you fail to submit evidence in due time.

“I Am Firing You As My Client”

It is tough to be terminated by an attorney if you are in dire need, more so if you have been working together for years. Although it is difficult to hear, it is wise to let go and find yourself a new one. It would be difficult to pursue a relationship if the other party does not want to work with you any longer.

These are some things you do not want to hear from your attorney because they spell out trouble and inconvenience for you. It is vital that you choose an attorney who has your best interest. If you have found the right one, you could focus on the more important things like living a stress-free life or growing your business. You do not need to hear anything like these, ever.

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