The Utmost Importance of Increasing Brand Awareness for Startup Companies

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Brand awareness is exactly what it sounds like. It’s how your name and your image penetrate into the consciousness of your chosen demographic. And for a startup, it’s absolutely crucial. How far down the line does one have to think before they get to your company? Now, there are a host of things one can do to influence this. Some ways you can do on your own. Others, you’re better off partnering with industry experts to get a really good message out. But whichever route you choose, there’s one thing that’s certain: you have to increase recognition.

Here are some key things you can do to beef up your brand awareness.

Digital signs

The majority of people spend the majority of our time outside of work either going to work or going home from work. Now, if your going on the road or the subway, more likely than not, you’ll be plugged into music or a podcast, but you’re probably not looking down at your phone. This is perfect for digital signs. Finding good digital signage experts is the edge that separates ignored from the effects. Their keen ability to find out what people want to see, and how to grab them in record time, set them apart from others utilizing digital means intermixed with traditional ad platforms. Utilizing digital signs will really let the world know that you’re startup is doing big things, and they should be aware.


People don’t go outside anymore, unless it’s for an Insta-hike up a short hill. What most people with access to modern technology are doing on their free time is scrolling. They’re doing a lot of scrolling and a lot of swiping. This is a perfect opportunity to get your startup into the sphere of people’s homes. But you have got to make the ad pop. It has to make someone stop scrolling for a second. That’s all it takes. A second. They may not tap on your “find out more” link, but they’ll definitely remember that you popped up.

Put out content

Last but not least, put out content. Put out a lot of content. It doesn’t have to be amazing all the way through in terms of production quality. Whether it’s writing, images, or video, have something always going on. That’s what people respond to. Also, make sure that it’s genuine and engaging. Consumers are not dumb. They can smell hack a mile away. If it’s lacking in either of those two elements, the message will fall through the cracks and people will be less likely to associate your startup with a trustworthy response. Humor works better than shock. Public opinion is more impactful than fact. Do your research and find out the trends. Find out how people are thinking and why. From there, you can build your perfect set of content streams.

For a startup, the most important thing is for people to be aware. Buying out a commercial slot during prime time (or anytime) is going to cost an arm and a leg. And outside of perfume ads in fashion magazines, who responds to magazine ads anymore? Digital is the way to go for your startup. It’s the most versatile and the most sensible. And in the end, the more you can get your name out there, the more numbers you’ll inevitably pull in.

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