The Ultimate Car Care Guide for Auto Lovers

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Since the late 1800’s cars have become something we love and care for as part of our daily lives. Many will collect a variety and some will cherish one vehicle and look after it as though it were part of the family.

Modifications are available for near enough every car on the road, and many will spend years rebuilding a classic so they can enjoy it once more. If you’re a petrol head then you’ll be aware of the many different aspects that go into looking after and caring for a car.

For those that want to understand more about how to care for their car, then here’s an ultimate guide for caring for your beloved vehicle.

Keeping It Clean

If you’re a true lover of all things auto then you’ll know that keeping your car clean is one of the most important things to do. Driving around in a gleaming motor will fill you with confidence and is a sure-fire way of turning heads when heading down the high street.

When it comes to washing your car there’s more to it than just taking it to the drive through car wash, in fact, these heavy duty washes can damage the paintwork on some older vehicles. Doing it yourself will ensure the perfect finish with no damage to be seen.

First, you want to pre rinse. This stage is often rushed or forgotten about but is hugely important for freeing up all the loose first and silt. Getting rid of this will ensure it doesn’t get on your sponge or wash mitt which will cause scratching of the paintwork. Use a pressure washer and start from the top down. Take your time doing this, the better the results at this stage, the better the end result.

The pre wash is the next stage. This is usually ignored but is, in fact, vital to the whole process. The idea of it is to remove all the light contaminants such as bug splatter, road salt and road grime. Missing this stage will mean the contaminants are left on the paintwork and will cause swirling when the clean is complete.

Shampoo and washing is the next stage. Grab two buckets and fill one with fresh water, and the other with water and shampoo. The freshwater bucket will act as your rinsing bucket and the shampoo is your wash bucket. Start at the top and work your way down, use plenty of shampoo on the car and use your sponge or washing mitt to gently ease away any dirt. Leave the really dirty areas till last.

Finally, rinse off the car using your pressure washer. You can wax the car after if you would like too, but it’s not a necessity.

Check The Windshield

Something that’s often forgotten by motorists is checking the windshield regularly. Every journey you make has the potential of a stone or something else hitting your windshield causing it to crack or chip.

According to the professionals at a crack in the windshield has the potential of rendering your car unsafe to drive. Anything over 2.5 inches could cause a serious safety issue.

Check your windshield to ensure it’s safe to drive and if you have any concerns then calling in a professional to fix it will be less costly than having it buckle in whilst driving down the freeway.

Check The Oil

Oil is an engine lubricant and is vital to the health of it. If your oil is too low then it can cause your car to break down with some dramatic results. Always make sure to check your oil regularly by using the dipstick.

If your oil is black and gritty, or under the minimum fill line then you need to change it. Do this either yourself or by taking it to a garage.

Check the Electrics

Modern cars are full of electrics and they need to be checked now and then. The main checks you’ll want to do are your headlights. Not only is it illegal to drive with your lights not working, but it’s also incredibly dangerous for you and other road users.

Walk around the car and check to see if all of your lights are working. When it comes to the brake light, get a friend or a member of your family to stand behind the car as you apply pressure to the brake pedal.

On top of the lights, it’s important to check your battery. Make sure the terminals are clean and tight, allowing the engine to start properly.

Looking after your car is a labour of love and one that should be enjoyed. There are plenty of things you can do but these tips are some of the main ones to ensure your car is safe and ready to drive (and looking amazing). Take the time to look over your car and make sure everything is up to standard.

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