The Steps You Need To Take After Being Involved In A Car Accident

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Being involved in an accident is a horrifying experience. Everything happens so suddenly and leaves you in utter shock and fear that can last for quite a while. Accidents can happen in numerous ways; another car bumps into yours, you lose control and hit a tree or a vehicle, the car loses its balance and flips, or someone suddenly appears in front of you. All of that can happen in a few seconds, which makes the incident hard to believe and register. When that happens, you remain startled for a moment to process the situation- then you start to react. There are mandatory things that need to be done when you get involved in an accident. Read on to find out more about what you should do after a car crash.

Check Injuries

The first thing you want to do after stepping out of your car – if you’re able to – is to check and see if you’re injured. Check your face in the mirror and see if there are any bruises, wounds, swelling, or scratches; try to move your arms and legs slowly to find out if there are any fractures. You should do the same checks for the passengers as well; you want to make sure that everyone on board is safe and sound. In case you or the passengers are injured, you should wait in your car and call for help immediately. It is better to call the ambulance to receive the proper medical care you need.

Record The Scene

When you ensure the safety of everyone on board, you should step out of your car and have a look at the accident scene. You want to record everything on camera; take pictures and videos of your car and the other vehicle. You should also record any damages or marks on both cars, especially yours. Recording the collision scene is necessary to help you proceed with an insurance claim and to provide as proof to your lawyer, in case you want to sue the other party. If you live in California, you should know that your lawyer will help you seek compensation after a car accident. In Pasadena, law offices of Pius Joseph confirm that California’s law allows injured car accidents’ victims to claim compensation when someone else is to blame for the incident. You can contact them to review your case; the consultation and claim review is free.

Contact the Police

Make sure you call 911 – or the police number in your country – instantly to report a file to the police with the incident. When the police arrive, you should inform them of all the details of the accident and ensure that you’re telling the truth. Try to avoid making things up or saying things you’re uncertain about; providing false information can be taken against you later. Involving the police at this point is important as there will be accurate documentation of the incident and the information of the other driver and his vehicle that you may need later when you’re contacting your insurance company.

Claim Insurance

As soon as the police file a report, the next step you want to take is to contact your insurance company and make a claim. You have two ways to do this; you can either call your insurance company by yourself and provide them with full details of the accident or let your attorney do it on your behalf. Due to the fact that lawyers have the required experience to deal with such situations, it is better to leave it to them as they are likely to derive maximum financial compensation from the insurance company. You or your lawyer should be equipped with some mandatory information like the full details of the accident, photos and videos, the other driver’s full information, and his insurance company’s information as well.

Having a car accident is such a dreadful thing to encounter. Whether you are the driver or the passenger, the accident can lead to trauma, shock, stress, and possible injuries. There are some steps you should follow in case you have an accident that will help you overcome its difficulty rather quickly. It is always safe and wise to follow all the necessary precautions while driving to avoid any possible accidents. There is no need to use your phone, eat, or drink while you’re on the road; you should care a great deal about the safety of everyone on board. Make sure you read the above points carefully as they will help you a lot to deal with car accidents.