The Impact of A.I On Business

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Image source: Flickr

As we all know, artificial intelligence is changing all aspects of life in the 21st Century. Nowadays, most of your interactions are in some way impacted by artificial intelligence. For instance, when you first call your doctor, bank, and even your local supermarket, your first interaction is most likely through a Chat Bot. This form of intelligence has not only revolutionized the daily personal lives of the general public, but it has also greatly impacted how businesses operate, and this is just the beginning. New technologies are on the horizon, and we should expect artificial intelligence to increase and expand along the way. Here are some of the ways that various modes of artificial intelligence impacts todays businesses:

Cyber Security

Unfortunately, humans are not perfect and are prone to making logistical mistakes. This is where A.I can come to the rescue. When we click on potentially compromising links on the computer, cyber crime is able to take place. This is precisely the reason that companies are developing artificial intelligence software that helps people to more easily spot online cyber crime triggers. The use of spam filters and technology that allows the consumer to recognize fishing websites is becoming an extremely effective and worthwhile means for cyber security.


We have all seen the movies where robots replace humans and mayhem ensues. This image can be the source of a lot of anxiety regarding the growth of artificial intelligence. Well, A.I does foster the use of robots, but contrary to Hollywood beliefs, they are actually pretty helpful to businesses and can even open up new opportunities and jobs for humans. Amazon was the first company to use robots in its warehouses, but many companies are beginning to follow suit to replace mechanical jobs. This can help a company run more efficiently and can ultimately provide the consumer with a better quality product and overall brand experience.

Customer Service

We are all by this point most likely extremely familiar with automated customer service. Whether it is on the phone or on a social media platform, chat bots can be extremely helpful to the consumer when they are in a time crunch and just need a quick fix. Most prefer to deal with simple questions and getting straight to the point when they only need a simple resolution. This is one of the most prominent and helpful uses of A.I and it is only going to improve with customer feedback helping to shape the need of automated customer service. Of course, it needs perfecting and may cause some irritation for customers keen to talk to an actual person- but this technology will only continue to improve.

Open Source Intelligence

When it comes to this consumer feedback, it is by means of OSINT that it comes to fruition. Open Source Intelligence makes it possible to gather information about companies and consumer habits through social media platforms. This positively impacts the companies as it allows for brand tailoring to match consumer needs. This offers companies a cheaper way to collect brand information. The only problem is that sometimes it gets bogged down with too much information and filtering this can be extremely difficult. As with all technology there are positive and negative aspects that must be resolved in order to improve. Artificial intelligence companies such as Expert System are keen to discuss the pros and cons of OSINT.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence is used across all boards and on many different platforms. It can be used to recruit new employees and even can help you to make sound investments. Many people might not be aware of how much they encounter artificial intelligence, but that just proves how much artificial intelligence has become completely integrated into every part of how society functions.