The Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Dallas TX

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A personal injury law firm or attorney works with those clients who’ve suffered an emotional or a physical injury, typically by mistake or accident. They cover cases like burn injuries, harassment, and botched surgeries. Personal injury lawyers know how the process of insurance claim works; they know the kind of evidence to gather, as well as how to evaluate and present a viable claim for damages.

Most personal injury lawyers take cases on an eventuality basis, meaning they get an agreed-upon portion of the payment you get, also known as a personal injury settlement. If you do not recover any cash, they do not get paid their fees. Personal injury attorneys are also conversant with defending you if someone believes an injury was your fault.

Dallas, TX is among the most crowded metropolitan regions hosting a massive number of law companies. If you are looking for a personal injury attorney to represent you, this article lines up some of the most reputed personal injury attorneys in Dallas.

Weaver Injury Law Firm

This law firm is a legal team based in Dallas that provides professional assistance for victims of injury cases for many decades. The firm has also stood out in the service with a great reputation for positive outcomes in most of the personal injury cases it undertakes. It represents different victims of product liability, car accidents, nursing home abuse, wrongful death, construction accidents, and many others.

The lawyers at the Weaver Injury Firm completely understand the personal injury concept and advocate thorough dispute resolution and true justice in favor of all the victims they represent. The unique thing that sets this company apart from other law firms is the amazing client-attorney relationship that they give, making it pretty easy for their clients to have confidence and depend on them. The firm assigns you a personal injury lawyer who assists you throughout the entire process with a clear and thorough explanation of every step.

Thompson Law Injury Lawyers

The lawyers at Thompson Law are among the most popular Dallas personal injury lawyer. They represent individuals with personal injury court cases, and they do it exceptionally. USA Today recognized this law firm recently for having soared high in the incredibly competitive business of personal injury law. Ryan Thompson, the founder of the company, is popularly known in the law business as an excellent trial lawyer and advocate.

Ryan’s compassion, work ethic and commitment to his clients and their cases set him apart from the other attorneys. With more than 1.8 billion dollars recovered for clients, Ryan Thompson has devoted his substantial resources and entire career to representing injury and accident victims with a major focus towards assisting his clients in recovering while achieving excellent results associated with their claims.

The Barber Law Firm

This law firm has been handling various personal injury cases in Texas for over 17 years currently. The company has a wonderful team of highly experienced legal experts who are never afraid of going up against the insurance claims adjusters and insurance companies. Many victims of truck and motorcycle accidents as well as collisions have received their compensation with the assistance of the Barber legal team.

Tate Law Offices

The Tate Law Offices are yet another popular personal injury law company based in Dallas. The law firm is made up of experienced legal professionals who handle different personal injury cases, regardless of the size with compensation as small as 87,000 dollars and as much as 6.5 million dollars. Tate Law Offices take pride in more than 99% success rate when it comes to claims representation and has processed and won more than 3,000 cases.

Mullen and Mullen Law Firm

This company is one of the best legal firms in Dallas that has been highlighted in major journals in the US. For instance, in 2015, the firm got featured in Newsweek, naming it one of the top accident injury companies in the US. The company has a history of succeeding in 90% of all its cases since its inception 33 years ago. The law firm boasts in its simple working principle which involves representing its clients as if they were all family members.

A personal injury lawyer specializes in bringing different lawsuits against negligent individuals or businesses on behalf of an injured party that is seeking compensation for damages. In this case, the plaintiff carries the burden of proof when it comes to personal injury cases. As a result, it’s essential to get a lawyer with a good track record in winning jury trials or obtaining settlements. The personal injury lawyers listed above are recognized by their colleagues for their professional accomplishments.


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