The 60 Second Guide to Finding More Sales Prospects

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Sales Prospects

You’re in need of growing your business in order to make a profit, but like many self-employed individuals, you might not be sure exactly how to start. Use this quick guide to help you find sales prospects in 60 seconds!

In just 60-seconds, you should have new ways of growing your prospective client list.

0:60 Grow Your Niche
Think of all the different business segments that might have a need for your product or service. Get out of your comfort zone. For instance, your company may work on display signs at stadiums. However, there is also a need for that service on billboards on top of buildings as well as on highways. Broaden your “niche” to garner a larger list of clients.

0:47 Partner with Larger Businesses
Your service may have a value-add that a larger company has not even thought of doing with a similar product. Look for opportunities with larger companies that are missing that key element only you can bring to the table, and partner with them to get their clients who need that element they cannot provide.

0:34 Market Directly
Email marketing (starting with a targeted list that can grow with referrals), is the best method to start to widen your client list. Within these emails, offer a way these recipients can send feedback to your company – this can help cater to your audience, tweak your product/service to attract a larger list of customers.

0:28 Connections, Connections, Connections
The more connections you have now, the more connections you will have in the future. Always pursue any opportunity to connect in person – you never know who their connection may be! Go to groups in your area, events that have to do with your business, and start passing cards and promoting your products. Keep a list of folks you met, and follow up with them, asking them permission to add them to your database.

0:12 Use Social Media to Grow Lists
There are free audiences available online, and many are already separated in niche segments. With a Facebook or LinkedIn account you have access to a multitude of groups in every category. You can view how many folks have joined the group, join it yourself, message to it, and watch as these sales prospects start coming to you. A quick message of just introducing yourself could elicit your first group of future clients!

0:03 Make Sure You Follow Up
Relationships, like children, need to be fed. Make sure that if you have contacted someone once, and they are still interested, follow up with them either with a newsletter, a follow up call, or a brochure – anything to show how your business has grown, and how you have answered any reservations they may have had in the past, to close them as a client.

Article courtesy of SCORE.

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