The 60-Second Guide to Achieving Your Goals

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achieve your goals

People become self-employed because they want to be more proactive about achieving their goals and dream. However, in the business of doing business the “end goal” can sometimes be easily overlooked.

In just 60 seconds, we’ll show you how to get on the path towards successfully meeting your goals and dreams.

0:60 Know your dreams.
What do you want out of life? Do you want to sail away on your own yacht, become a talk show host, or start a family? Identify your dreams, however distant they may seem.

0:53 Set some goals.
Have goals for the medium term (six months to five years), the short term (one week to six months), and even for every day. Start by listing your goals in the major areas of work, true career (your dream job of the future), family and home, community, financial picture, hobbies, travel and leisure, and health and exercise.

0:42 Make a roadmap.
Break down your goals into manageable tasks. Sailing away on a yacht may seem overwhelming when contrasted with your current job, income, and daily commute. But if you break it down into steps, it starts to look more doable. For example, taking a sailing class or starting to put 10 percent of your paycheck into a savings account may be goals you can meet within the next six months.

0:31 Set priorities.
Rank the tasks you want to accomplish by order of importance. As you do this, you’ll identify high-payoff activities and learn to distinguish them from low payoff activities — and avoid procrastination. (Yes, people procrastinate doing things they really want to do.)

0:24 Be realistic.
If you keep including five tasks on your daily list that never get accomplished, it will only increase your sense of frustration. Decide whether those five undone tasks are really important. If they are not, wipe them off your list for good; if they are, make sure you set aside time to accomplish them. Likewise, do not plan to accomplish something in six months that will realistically take two years.

0:11 Reward yourself.
Days, months, or years without appropriate rewards for your hard work will quickly come to seem very dismal indeed. Break up your years with large rewards and your workdays with small ones. For example, if you accomplish the two things you set out to do in a morning, then do not blaze right into the next task while eating lunch at your desk. Treat yourself to lunch in the park.

Article courtesy of SCORE.

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SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.