The 4 Dumbest Sales Mistakes

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Avoid Sales Mistakes

The question today is – how do we nail the sale?

Of course you know plenty about sales by now. But that doesn’t mean that you too can’t fall prey to some of these dumb sales mistakes. Here are the 4 sales mistakes you definitely don’t want to make:

…making sales is not about talking anyone into anything…

Don’t talk too much: Natural salespeople, while usually gregarious, know when to, well, shut up. Yes, talking can create rapport, but excessive talking means two things: One, you are probably more focused on yourself than the customer, and two, you probably are not listening to their needs.

Great salespeople ask a lot of questions, and then listen to the answers.

Think about when you go to buy a car. Car salespeople, despite their tawdry reputation, are some of the best salespeople around. And when they first meet you, what is it that they do? Yep, they ask questions. By finding out what you want and how much you have to spend, they can tailor their pitch accordingly.

Don’t talk them into it: Needless to say, making sales is not about talking anyone into anything. It is about discovering what your potential customers need, what “problem” it is they are trying to solve, and then showing them how your product or service solves it.

Lacking urgency: This is a gem from Tom Hopkins. The key to making a sale NOW, he says, is, after presenting the facts and benefits of your product, to create a sense of urgency to act. This is not about being pushy, or forcing people to do something they are not ready to do. Instead, it is about showing them that procrastinating is not in their self-interest, because

  • The price will be going up, or
  • There is a limited supply, or
  • The timing works right now, or
  • The extras won’t be free next time, etc.

Not asking for the sale: Sometimes there comes a time when you have to ask for a commitment, for the sale. Some prospects simply need help making a decision, others may need to understand why they need to act now, but whatever the case, you have to know when a gentle push can make a difference. If your push is in their best interest, it will seem more helpful than pushy.

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