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4 Essential Bookkeeping Tips For Freelancers

Becoming self-employed gives you the freedom to choose your own path in the workplace. But your aspirations can quickly spiral out of control if...

The Easy Way the Self-Employed Can Save for Retirement

We’ve talked about the various types of retirement plans for self-employed entrepreneurs.  There’s no shortage of options – and the blooming marketplace of finance...

If Your Business Has a Pass Through Structure, New Tax Proposals May Grant Significant...

President Donald Trump's first 100 days have been yielding news on just about every conceivable front, and so it can be easy to miss...

7 Key Tax Deductions for Freelancers

Being a freelancer is hard! You’re responsible for handling everything from client billing, advertising, to customer service. Want to know the toughest part of being a...

5 Smart Steps to Ease Tax Preparation

Most small business owners wait until the last minute to start planning for their tax filings. Here are 5 ways to get started early!

6 Tips for the Self-Employed at Tax Time

Today’s sharing economy has created great opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own small businesses. But perhaps one of the most intimidating factors of...

Six Signs You Need An Accountant

As a self-employed individual, you carry a lot of responsibilities that members of the traditional workforce don’t. What those responsibilities are can vary from...

3 Reasons Working With An Accountant Is Smart Business

Why pay a CPA to do your taxes when you freelance? They can save you time and money, and protect your business from fees, fines, and audits

What Business Deductions Are You Eligible to Take When You Are Self-Employed?

In addition to keeping cash in your pocket, deductible expenses can produce secondary benefits too. Learn what business deductions you are eligible to take.

Four Types of Deductibles You Should Never Forget To Claim

For the self-employed individual, claiming back tax on your expenses is a vital part of reducing annual outgoings. Expenses - or deductibles - are essentially...



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