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Ask an Expert: Passing Your Business On To Your Kids

How do you create a business that lasts an that stays in the family?

PODCAST: Crowdfunding Made Easy

This episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Greatland is about Crowdfunding Made Easy

Ask an Expert: Wrongful Firing

Can you sue if you think you have been fired wrongfully? You bet. But should you? Now that's a different story.

Ask an Expert: Think Big!

Are you playing to win or playing not to lose? Are you playing a big game, or a little one?

How Do I Crowdfund My Project?

Can you crowdfund you next project or business? Yes, maybe, if you crowdfund it right

Ask an Expert: Top 10 Trends in Business 2015

What are the top trends in business this upcoming year? The list will surprise you

The Living Room Small Business Film Festival

Put on your jammies, call the family into the den, pop some popcorn, and check out these great flicks, all of which have some sort of small business angle

Ask an Expert: This Holiday Season Don’t Fall for the Discounting...

Don't make these too-easy-to-make mistakes this holiday season, especially one in particular

Ask an Expert: What is Your Secret Sauce?

Don’t play on someone else’s turf of location or lowest price or whatever. Play the game on your home field. Think about what it is that you do that is different and better

Ask an Expert: Small Business Burnout

Small business owners deal with job burnout just as much as everyone else. And maybe more.

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