SysAid Software: Encouraging Self-Sufficiency in a Virtual World

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As computers have spread like wildfire in the corporate world, the on-site help desk has become one of the busiest spaces. From booting up laptops to debugging a corrupted smartphone, the help desk is always in a rush. All of this information must be documented during each repair, however. You’ve probably tried several platforms for your IT organization, but no software package has truly solved every problem. Enter the brilliance of IT help desk software by SysAid. If you’ve been struggling with IT lately, your help desk has a reprieve that works in almost every industry.

Core Management Feature

Every help desk has some form of service structure. Many of these organizing strategies are confusing, which prompts companies to write out service tickets on internal devices manually. SysAid makes a difference in this department.

Tickets can be made out by either the IT department or end users. They’re immediately uploaded into the system. The system offers a spreadsheet analysis on every item entered into service. Technicians can search for items in chronological order or by rush status. Details about each item are also inputted into the system. If there’s a pattern to a faulty item, such as a defective part, the system might pinpoint it and raise a virtual flag.

Helping out the Team

Every employee has a different comfort level with technology. Some workers contact IT on a daily basis compared to others who figure issues out on their own. To reduce the volume of calls at the help desk, SysAid includes a knowledge base in their software.

This database is customized by the in-house technicians, unlike other software programs available today. Your professionals add in short blogs and newsletters about widespread issues within the company’s computer system. In turn, the end users can read this information so that they can troubleshoot a few problems on their own.

Remote Capabilities

Do you have technicians who work field operations? What happens if there’s an in-house problem? SysAid created a solution with their remote capabilities. Use a standard, HTML5 browser, peer-to-peer viewer or integrate with another application. Your techs have access to every feature through these platforms.

Downtime in a corporate atmosphere always costs money. The remote feature can be used even if the tech is simply away from the main desk. Being connected at all times is the core element of the SysAid program, which shines above the competitors.

Do you Know the Status?

A common complaint with help-desk software is checking on status. The user interface might be confusing, or most employees are locked out of that section. SysAid found a way to make status checks as easy as possible.

Enter the ticket list, and locate your request. A clearly designed page pops up with time-stamped information about request times, progress and responses. You even know who’s been assigned to the ticket. All of this information fits onto one window so that you can move forward with either a question or other task. Directly contacting IT isn’t necessary when you know the status with a few clicks of your mouse.

The Collective Hurdle in the Business World

A feature that’s typically left out of other software programs is a manual, password reset. It’s understandable that this feature has been secured for only top, IT professionals in the past because of security concerns. SysAid is configured differently, however.

End users can reset their password when the occasion arises. The system tracks every user and asset when changes are made at this level. In most cases, the change is merely an update or alteration on a forgotten password. Security is still enforced. Other programs don’t have this capability.

Preventing Those Critical Down Periods

CMDB software can be added to your SysAid package. In many circles, this feature is considered a mandatory choice because of its inherent value. Have you ever updated an operating system on a server, and many devices failed to connect afterwards? Configuration software prevents this scenario.

In essence, this software creates a visual tree of every device in your system. You’ll know when compatibility is an issue before an update. Avoid downtime by adding this feature to your software package.

No Struggles With Free Trials

SysAid should be applauded for their versatility when it comes to free trials. You can either download the files onto your server or use the cloud. Because it’s a free trial, it makes sense to use the cloud so that no memory is taken up by the files. Consider the cloud or your server after a major purchase. Both storage areas have their advantages and disadvantages.

Adding Network Discovery

The IT department has blinders on when it comes to unauthorized devices connecting into the system. They don’t see them until a breach has occurred. SysAid offers a network discovery option that should be at the top of your purchase order. From the moment that a device connects to your system, the IT department virtually sees the item. In most cases, it’s merely a salesperson using their personal tablet for work purposes. Any unauthorized personnel, however, are quickly noted and removed from the system.

Run an entire help desk with the power of SysAid’s software. A simple interface makes it easy to find a device in the system. Solve problems without much downtime either. Powerful software can only improve as your department runs smoother than ever.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Small Business.