Suparatana Bencharongkul wants a new wave of Thai Agriculture

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Suparatana Bencharongkul grew up wanting to make a real difference in the lives of her people. She was certain she had what it took. She had great parents who raised her with love and taught her to care for others, she was brilliant, intelligent, and had the kind of resources unavailable to most.

The only problem? How to make efficient use of it, in the most optimal way possible.

Soon, Suparatana would find the solution to this problem. And it turned out to be a combination of two of the things about which she’s most passionate – Technology and Agriculture.

Now she knows what she wants clearly – a new wave of agriculture in Thailand that makes use of technology to achieve a level of efficiency and effectiveness that has never before been achieved.

Thanks to the fact that Thailand is already a great country with an amazing agricultural sector – which is made up of about 40% of the entire population – it seems a no brainer that this is the right direction to go for anyone who means to achieve a significant improvement in the lives of the people and the economy as whole.

Through a subsidiary of her father’s company, which she oversees with other experts in the field, Suparatana has established a reputation as a businesswoman and a giver, who puts her money where her mouth is.

As at the moment of publishing this article, the company has initiated various programs, websites, applications, and introduced the use of technologically advanced systems like sensors, communication networks, unmanned aviation systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics, in serious farming to facilitate greater yield at an even faster rate.

Apart from her private works with the Rakbankerd company and agricultural technology, Suparatana also maintains a functioning public platform, with the aim of giving more access to people who hope to somehow be inspired by her success and lifestyle.

And of course, it is not hard to imagine just how much one can learn from following the life of a successful young woman.

While both of her platforms are dedicated to the same goal, their mechanisms may be just a little bit different. This is in the sense that while her agricultural project is aimed towards making life easier for more people, her social platforms are targeted towards a select few with the zeal and passion to learn and apply what has been learned.

It is also amazing how well both aspects complement each other, though. Sometimes it is tough to really get in the head of people whose aim is supposed to help people. The world of business is a crazy one. There are so many bureaucracies and loopholes that the tangible impact made through it gets lost in translation and may never even reach the public.

But by breaking the access barrier through her lifestyle influencing and social media, Suparatana is able to strip away the myth and legend, and, to a bigger extent, share her true self with the world and her people.

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