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You are invited to join USA TODAY’s small business columnist and author of The Small Business Bible, Steve Strauss and his team of experts, on an 8-week Mastermind course designed to give you everything you need to know to create your own successful startup.

Let The Experts Help You!

Each week we will take a deep-dive into a vital, different startup topic. And each week you will get to be on an invitation-only call with Steve and one of his designated startup experts for that topic. And each week you will get to pick their brains.

You will also get valuable startup worksheets, checklists, and more – all designed to help make your startup journey simple, successful, fun, and profitable.

Make More Money, Have More Fun, Learn From The Best

Starting a business is not easy. It takes time, effort, money, and know-how.It is too important to do on your own. In this Mastermind Group, you will learn from the best. Steve and his hand-picked experts will show you everything you need to know to launch a fantastic, profitable business:

  • How to know if you have a great idea, or a dud
  • How to create a vast social media network, right from the start
  • The biggest mistake new entrepreneurs make, and how to avoid it
  • The 5 secrets every entrepreneur must know
  • How to make a profit – right from the start

A personal note from Steve:

“OK, I’ve decided to open the vault!

For years, people have asked me to create a Startup Mastermind Group, and for years I have resisted. But I guess, as they say, “resistance is futile!” So here we are! It’s time to share both my best startup secrets and strategies, as well as my contacts, with you, my tribe.

I attempted my first business (you will notice I didn’t say “started my first business”) while an undergrad at UCLA. It was moderately successful. Since then, I made it my mission to uncover what it really takes to create a kick-butt business.

As a result, I have started three very successful businesses and even maybe better (at least for me!) I haven’t had a boss in over 20 years. Each week in this this 8-week mastermind, I am going to show you exactly how to create, not only a great business, but a profitable one that you love and is fun! I am also going to be bringing in the best entrepreneurial minds I know to share their expertise with you. You will learn from the best!

One thing I know is that starting a business can be a risky proposition – it’s financially risky, emotionally risky, and even a reputational risk. What I also know is that there are ways to do it right, and wrong. There are proven ways to reduce the risk, have fun, and make a ton of money.

I hope I can help you do it the right way.

Here’s to your success!

– Steve

P.S. You don’t have to take my word for it. Read the five star reviews people give my startup advice here.

The Mastermind Toolkit

So what do you get?

  • This is an eight-week live course starting Thursday, February 2 (recording available afterwards.) In each session, Steve will personally guide you through that week’s topic – everything from marketing and branding to business formation to dominating your market. Ask Steve questions, get input from selected fellow participants AND then hear from and speak with one of Steve’s hand-picked entrepreneurs/experts.
  • A proven step-by-step guide for the best way to start and grow a business
  • Worksheets, videos, e-guides

We will leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

Free Bonus!

For a limited time, new registrants will get a free copy of Steve’s very popular ebook, The Business Startup Kit. 200 pages of worksheets, checklists, and valuable insights.

Additionally, we have decided to also throw in Steve’s other popular e-book, Marketing on a Shoestring!

Steve has never done a Mastermind Group before and may not again. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

You don’t have to start your business on your own! Let “America’s Leading Small Business Expert” be your teammate.

Let Steve Be Your Guide!

Steve Strauss is:

The author of The Small Business Bible

Author of The Business Startup Kit

USA TODAY’s Small Business Columnist

A Microsoft Small Business Brand Ambassador

And an entrepreneur who has started three incredibly successful businesses

Read the five-star reviews for Steve’s startup advice here!




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