The Stay At Home Mom/Dad’s Guide to Earning Some Money

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Staying at home and parenting your kids is a huge sacrifice. The responsibility is nothing short of what a full time job will demand from your. However, there’s no paycheck. This not only makes things frustrating for stay at home moms and dads, but also means that the family just has to depend on one parent for the financial support. Considering the volatility and uncertainty we all live in, this is a risky proposition. Thankfully, stay at home moms can make use of these methods and start earning a decent income while taking care of their parenting responsibilities or pregnancy.

Get Paid for Your Opinions via Paid Surveys

What could be easier than getting paid for stating your opinions! It’s possible; marketing agencies are willing to let real users like you join their community and take up survey filling tasks, spread across a wide range of topics, such as your financial preferences, buying habits, aspirations, values, and beliefs. In turn, you get points for each survey you fill, and when you’ve accumulated enough points, you can either ask for a payout against them, or convert them into vouchers that can be used at Amazon, Starbucks, and several other online and offline destinations. Harris Poll Online, Global Test Market, Swagbucks, and Survey Club are some of the leasing names in the ‘get paid for your opinion’ market; begin with these.

Test Website UX and Get Paid

Yes, with a good internet connection and some time to spend every day, you can start earning by testing the user experience and ease of navigation of websites. UserTesting is the most renowned and trustworthy platform for this. You can sign up and fill your demographics details. Once you get a matching test, you will need to use a microphone to record your verbal comments, along with the UserTesting backed screen recording tool that will record and track your mouse movements. Be as natural with your tone, comments, and browsing as possible, to deliver the best insights for anybody who watches your review.

Teach Your Kids, and A Few More!

Here’s a perfect opportunity for stay at home moms and dads who also teach their growing kids. Now that you are already putting in the hard efforts into understanding and mastering basic grammar and mathematics, why not reap some benefits by delivering online tutorship to others? You can join a platform such as, create a profile, commit to teach at least 5 hours a week, and get going! You will need your computer and audio/video transmission equipment to get started (which can be done in less than $50). You will need a college degree to be able to teach certain subjects. Once your reputation is built and bolstered, you can expand into more subjects, and slowly hike prices.

Share Your Experience, Knowledge, and Goals On A Blog

You just need to go through some of the best parenting blogs out there to be motivated to start your own. Moms and dads go through so much everyday, solve so many little nagging problems everyday and learn so much every day that they can’t possibly run out of ideas to put into their blog posts. The secret sauce is to be authentic, natural, and unique in your content delivery. Setting up a basic parenting blog is not difficult; use a free WYSIWYG based website builder, choose a parenting website theme, add your custom images and content, and you’re ready. Once you build traffic, you will be able to use monetization methods such as Google Adsense. Better still, with a large followership, you cull be able to place yourself as an influencer, and get paid for your contributions in marketing campaigns of brands.


If writing a blog and managing its SEO doesn’t sound appealing to you, consider copywriting. You can easily join a platform such as TextBroker and start getting paid assignments for your copywriting services. You could get paid anything between $0.7 to $5 per 100 words, based on your writing skills, your experience, your specific subject matter expertise, and your rating on the platform.

Sell Some Photographs

Many parents buy a DSLR when they have their first baby, to be able to capture exciting moments in high quality. Why not use your asset along with your photography skills and makes some money. Use some of your time to click good photographs from your surroundings, fine tune them using Photoshop, and sell them on platforms such as Of course, you need know better than an amateur photographer to really be able to make an impact with your photography. The money, however, is good.

Concluding Remarks

Life of a stay at home mom or dad can be boring. It doesn’t have to be though; use one or more (why not) of these methods and start earning some good money.