Secrets to Making an e-Business Click Part 2

building a better website

Building A Better Website

(Part 2 of 2; Read Part 1 Now)

Once you have understood the unique characteristics of the Web as outlined in part 1, there are then two key components to creating a successful online business.

The first is, you have to have a great site. The second is, you have to market your site so that people can find it.

Now, maybe the preceding paragraph seems self-evident to you, maybe you are thinking, “Thanks for the great insight there!” But consider: How many truly mediocre sites do you run across? Probably plenty. And when you do, what do you do? Surf on of course. So it is simply vital that you have a professional and elegant site. Do that, and the rest is much easier, but fail to do it, and your chances of e-success are diminished greatly.

This brings us to the second factor — e-marketing.

Marketing an Online Business Is Very Affordable

1. Marketing online is unique: Offline, marketing often is a shotgun affair for many business owners. They spend a lot to target a lot of people (in the newspaper, on the radio, etc.) with the intent of hopefully hitting a few. But online, especially with tools like pay-per-click, it is much easier to spend your marketing dollars more specifically and intelligently by buying only those keywords and geographic regions that have the highest likelihood of success.

2. Tracking results is easier: Because of No. 1 above, it is easier with online advertising and marketing to track your results. Offline, it is hard to say how someone finds you and makes a call (signs, ads, networking, or what?) but online, you can see immediately which keywords pull best, which ads work best, which pages convert the most, etc.

3. Cycles are shorter: Quicker tracking means you can adjust your online ad campaigns much more quickly. If a TV buy does not work, it may take months to find out and adjust. Not so online. It is getting ever easier to start and succeed online because tools like these are making it possible to create a site that can get noticed. If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. But if you build it right, and market it right, you can bet they will.

4. Social media makes it possible: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and the rest allow you to get the word out for free. That’s amazing.

So the bottom line is this: If you harness the unique characteristics of the Web, offer something online that is difficult to duplicate offline, create a beautiful site, and market it with e-tools, you will be well on your way to doing business the Amazon way.