Solid Marketing Strategies for Aspiring Influencers This 2020

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Whether you are a small business owner trying to take your product to the masses or even a savvy marketing executive attempting to beef up brand awareness, marketing on Instagram can seem like a daunting task. The truth is that Instagram marketing can be a highly effective means of reaching your target audience for products ranging from clothing brands to car insurance and it can also be very easy to do effectively. Studies show that 80% of Instagram users follow at least one company, but how can you get potential customers to start following YOUR company? With these simple tips, you’ll be able to become an Instagram marketing master in no time.

Know Your Target Demographic

First off, you need to start with the basics. Millions of people browse Instagram daily, but to optimize your marketing campaign, it is important to identify the group of people that you want to reach with your advertisements. Are you targeting guys or girls? Which age group will your product be geared towards? What is the average disposable income of people that use your products? These are all questions you should be asking yourself before getting into the nitty-gritty of your Instagram marketing endeavors. Once you know who is most likely to use your products you can now figure when these consumers usually browse Instagram. Different groups of people are online at separate times, luckily, there are plenty of Instagram marketing tips that can help you in figuring this out. For example, if you are trying to market new meatless burgers to young professionals aged 20 to 30, it would be a good idea to post near the end of the workday so your potential viewers will be nice and hungry when they see your post.

Use Catchy Photos and Videos

No one goes on Instagram to be bored, it’s important to use flashy, interesting photos and videos to grab people’s attention. If you’re trying to market stationary showcase, have your most vibrant notebooks or even incorporate animation into the post to make it pop out even more. Having attractive people in the post will also make it more eye-catching, in fact, studies have also shown that people will be more interested in your product if good looking people are showcased with it. Adding art into the post is also a proven way of making it stand out from the crowd, try building your post around some high-quality nature photos or the work of an up and coming artist. Having interesting video content is also very important, but keep in mind not to tease your potential viewers, the first frame should be filled with action so the browsers will want to view the whole post.

The Proper Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are an important way of getting your post out to your target demographic and can greatly increase the number of people that will come across your page. When adding in hashtags to your post, it is a good idea to follow the mantra: “keep it simple, stupid”. The more general and popular the hashtags you use, the more people you are likely to attract. For instance, if you’re trying to market a new brand of cat food simple hashtags like #catlove or #furrytreat will be more effective than long, obscure ones like #happykittyhealthytastychow.

Be Creative

Practically anyone can gain followers on Instagram but in order to get thousands or even millions of followers, you’re going to have to make your page stick out from the crowd. There are many fun and creative ways to advertise your product digitally that will draw people to your posts and keep them coming back for more! Memes are a great way to bring some humor to your posts and are perfect for engaging millennials. Try finding which memes are currently popular on the internet and then adapt them to fit your product or seek out a meme page and see if they will create one for you. If you’re feeling really creative you could even try creating your own original meme, who knows it may even go viral!

Remember these basics and you should have no problem with your Instagram marketing. If you know who you want viewing your posts, know when to post, use catchy visuals, prudently select your hashtags and make sure your post is unique, you will be on the fast track to Instagram success. Now you can be your very own Instagram marketing guru, so go forth and start reeling in the followers!

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