Social Media Trends To Watch in 2018

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We are approaching the end of an exciting year for social media that has brought significant changes to the world of online marketing. Social networks like Facebook or Twitter have reached the highest number of users in their history, while a number of cutting-edge technologies have become more accessible than ever.

Filmora‘s team of experienced professionals has compiled information about booming social media trends that will continue its growth in 2018. They’ve used this data to create an infographic that may help business owners to expand their businesses and increase their profits in the next year. Scroll down to find out which social media trends will shape our future, and feel free to share the infographic with your colleagues. Also, we would love to hear your opinion so don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Mobile-Ready Content Has Become More Important Than Ever

The content you put online represents your brand, and if that content can’t be accessed from literally any web browsing device, your company’s profits might suffer. According to the data Filmora’s team has gathered currently 2292,5 million people are using Smartphones and it is expected that this number will rise to 2480,4 million in 2018. Failing to optimize your content for mobile devices may prove to be a crucial mistake, considering the size of the market that uses Smartphones to browse the Internet.

In 2017, LinkedIn was the only social network that was accessed more from a computer than from a Smartphone since 74% of users utilized a computer to browse this platform, while only 26% has done so with a mobile device. The percentages are significantly different for Facebook and Twitter since a large majority of users chose to browse these social networks with a mobile device.

YouTube is currently the second largest social network on the Internet, and in 2017 60% of its users accessed the platform from a computer. It is reasonable to assume that this number will decrease in the next year because the mobile-ready content is rapidly becoming more attractive to Internet users around the globe.

Ephemeral Content Could Be The Future of Digital Marketing

Another social media trend that is directly related to the popularity of the mobile content is on the rise. The ephemeral content wasn’t really a factor in online marketing until recently, but social networks such as Instagram or SnapChat have popularized the kind of content that is available for only 24 hours.

Digital marketers will depend more on ephemeral content in 2018 because it is mobile oriented and it increases user engagement. If the content is only available for a limited period of time more users will want to see it out fear that they might miss it, which is the reason why ephemeral content may become a powerful digital marketing tool that guarantees to increase conversion rates.

The media that is accessible for a short period of time carries an aura of authenticity which is the reason why brands that want to continue growing in 2018, should monitor closely how this digital media trend develops in the next twelve months.

Is Live Streaming the Future of Digital Marketing?

Video content is undoubtedly the most popular type of content on the Internet today, and there is no question that its popularity will only increase in the next year. However, live streaming is a relatively young feature, since the first live streaming app has been launched in September 2011. Six short years later, all of the major social media networks provide the live streaming option, and at the moment Facebook live videos are being watched three times longer than the regular videos.

Furthermore, 80% of people have declared that they would rather watch live videos that advertises a brand than read a post that promotes the services of that same brand. This fact clearly shows that live streaming establishes a better connection with potential clients and that its popularity can only increase in 2018.

The worth of video streaming market will surpass a $70 billion mark by 2021, and for that reason, marketing teams will have to find ways to incorporate live streaming into their strategies in the next year.

Source: Wondershare Filmora

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