SmartPhones To Enhance Productivity

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Smartphones are used for various reasons and in different environments. Smartphones have even changed the way of doing business, from traditional to more digital, quicker and efficient methods. Nowadays, you can accomplish tasks, manage employees, delegate duties, promote your business and even make payments via smartphone.

Now comes the question – which is the best smartphone to use in business? With such a wide range of smartphones to choose from, deciding on the one to use for business purposes can be difficult. After comparing security, functionality, display, memory, speed and sleekness, we have a list of the best smartphones to use for work.

The best work smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung S8 is a flagship smartphone and the best in its parent brand. The phone is the latest release in the Samsung Galaxy series and is mostly known for its sleek feel and infinity display. However, Samsung Galaxy S8 has some indispensable features that make it a great work-smartphone.

Security has been well taken care of, with a biometric scanning ( fingerprint reader, iris scanner and face recognition) and the Samsung Knox System that keeps all your business secrets even safer.

Performance is fast and efficient, thanks to the phone’s Snapdragon 835 CPU and a split-enabled screen so you can use two apps at the same time. Samsung Galaxy S8 is a deluxe, high-performing business device, with an expandable storage space and clear, sleek display.


When it comes to business smartphones, Blackberry stands out. Since it was first released in the market, the Blackberry has earned its stripes as a top-notch business phone, especially due to its security. Up to now, with the latest Blackberry Classic and Blackberry Passport, the brand has not lost its purpose for providing secure phones for business.

The BlackBerry is a perfect smartphone for business. With hardware keyboards, fleet management, enterprise security, email and spreadsheets, the Blackberry should help you run a business more efficiently.

Goodnews! You now enjoy the top-notch security of the Blackberry and still take advantage of Android’s specs. Blackberry is also releasing models that run Android, like the DTEK 60, which have the Blackberry hub (productivity app).

iPhone 7 Plus

Mobile workers will appreciate all the great features in Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. The phone has a long battery life so that you do not have to keep on charging or missing out on business events because your phone went off. Security is a major factor in business and iPhone 7 Plus caters for that, with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and encrypted messaging in the iMessage app.

Although the design almost resembles that of iPhone 6S Plus, the 7 Plus has a better display, due to its color gamut and the 25% increased brightness. Working on the iPhone 7 Plus will add onto your confidence, with its 5.5-inch screen, sleek look and a waterproof casing.

Speedy performance is guaranteed on the iPhone 7 Plus, with a 32GB internal storage, A10 Fusion processor and iOS 10 (most recent Apple Operating System). The phone also comes with software updates for Siri the assistant app and allows new methods of linking your iPhone with you Mac.

No other phone can offer quality video conferencing, like the iPhone 7 Plus can. The phone is the first of its brand to have two lenses and zooms (2x optical and 10x digital). If you would like to use your phone to remotely communicate with clients and customers, the iPhone 7 Plus is good for you. The 7MP front-camera allows for clear and crisp videoconferencing, even in low light.