Smart Mobile App Ideas To Build Your Brand

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Mobile App Ideas To Help Build Your BRand

A majority of Internet activity now takes place on mobile devices. In addition to search and web surfing, mobile devices are increasingly used for e-commerce. To compete for business, most companies need to create a presence on mobile. Consider some smart ideas from the most popular mobile apps. These ideas can help you plan a mobile app for your business.

What your prospects are doing on mobile devices

On a basic level, many consumers go to the web to find a solution to a problem. With that in mind, consider some of the ways that your customers and prospects are using their mobile device:

  • Perform a Google search, based on certain keywords. One type of search is for a product that will solve a specific problem. A runner with foot pain, for example, may perform a Google search for shoe inserts for running shoes.
  • Consumers also look for blog, articles and other information that may explain the solution to a particular problem. Instead of trying to find a shoe insert, the runner might check a medical site to read about the cause of his foot pain.

People also use their mobile device for entertainment., a Los Angeles mobile and app development shop, explains that mobile apps are changing the way consumers play games and watch movies and TV programming. This includes innovative additions to the fields of education, entertainment, enterprise, the automotive industry, non-profits, and startups.

The challenges for mobile apps

Given the far smaller screen size, designing a useful mobile app can be challenging. The mobile text and images need to be large enough for the customer to see what’s displayed clearly.

The mobile screen also needs to offer easy navigation. You may notice that many mobile apps provide navigation options in the top right corner of the screen. The time it takes for a new page to load also needs to be minimized. If the page loads too slowly, viewers will leave your site.

Popular mobile apps

Here are some of the most popular iPhone mobile apps for 2015:

  • Billguard is an app that is connected to you online credit card statements. It flags merchants who frequently charge customers for products and services they have forgotten about, or requested by mistake. Users like this app because they get an immediate notice and can take action to dispute of remove the charge. This helps a consumer minimize small credit card charges that might be missed otherwise. This is a mobile app that gives the credit card holder peace of mind.
  • LearnVest is a comprehensive solution for creating a budget, managing your money and sticking to your financial goals. The app connects directly to your checking, credit card and savings accounts. The app’s colors, fonts and page layout make it easy to use.
  • Netflix and Amazon Instant Video provide the ability to stream movies and other programming on a mobile device. If you use Netflix on a TV or laptop, you’ll see that the page layout is similar on mobile. You many find that Amazon has a bigger library of content.

As you think about the design of your mobile app, keep these popular mobile apps in mind. You app is an extension of your business. The app solves a problem for the customer in a way that is visually appealing. Use a mobile app to grow your sales and your customer list.