Content Marketing – What You Need to Know

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At Outbrain, we recently shared our thoughts on how content marketing has become something of an equalizer for small businesses (SMBs) trying to compete in the same space as larger brands with their big budgets and seemingly unlimited resources.

Rather than extract value via traditional and costly marketing channels such as display and search, content creates value for consumers and a more effective way for SMBs to engage their audience. At Outbrain, we’re always looking to share ways in which SMBs can better engage their audience with interesting and great quality content.

To that end, we’re excited to announce the launch of our B2B Small Business Content Marketing report produced in partnership with the Content Marketing Institute.

The Content Marketing Institute’s recent North American survey revealed some surprising insights into the differences between B2B small business marketers and their enterprise peers. For example, small business marketers use more social media platforms than their enterprise peers and are planning to increase their content marketing budgets more than their larger, enterprise peers.

These insights as well as the answers to the questions below can all be found in our B2B Small Business Content Marketing report.

  • What goals do B2B small business marketers have for content marketing?
  • How do they measure content marketing success?
  • How are they tailoring their content?
  • What notable characteristics of a best-in-class B2B smal business content marketer?

In our report, we shares the trends, benchmarks and key tactics employed by small business marketers and how they approach content marketing.

DOWNLOAD IT NOW to take a closer look at what content marketing means to SMBs and what you could be doing too!