Six of the Best Kitchen Hacks to Save Time and Clean Faster

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Six of the Best Kitchen Hacks to Save Time and Clean Faster

Mark your sponges.

Most of us use the same-looking sponge for both cleaning our dishes and for wiping down surfaces and the walls. What we don’t want is to get these mixed up, as sometimes, bleach and other harmful chemicals may be in the sponge you use for cleaning surfaces and the rest of the kitchen. Try cutting a corner out of one of the sponges so that you know which is which.

Stop your bins from smelling.

There’s nothing worse than opening the trash can to be hit in the face by a wall of smelly garbage. This often comes from a buildup of liquids at the bottom of the trash can, along with the rest of the old food and trash in the bin. To combat this, try taking a large cotton ball or several squares of thick kitchen roll and dowsing them in essential oils or lemon juice. This will act to both absorb any nasty juices, as well as make the bin smell much nicer when you open it.

Use cheap baskets for bits and bobs.

If you find that you have lots of ‘stuff’ lying around but nowhere easy for it all to live, then try picking up a few cheap laundry baskets and using them for your bits and bobs. This is very useful for when a friend drops it on you that they will be arriving in 5 minutes and you have toys lying around all over the floor. Simply throw them all into a basket and hide it away from sight. For more tips like this, check out Maid2Match Canberra.

Put yourself on the clock.

When it comes down to it, most cleaning tasks don’t take that long. The issue is your willingness to start with no clear end. To combat this, try setting the alarm for 10 minutes, and try to get as much done as you can in this time. You may find that you get through all that washing up and wiping the counters down faster than you thought you would, without hating every minute of it as you know you can stop soon.

Use flour to clean your stainless steel.

For any stainless steel, utensils or even if the sink itself is made of it, try giving it a final polish with flour. Wash the pan or sink as usual, and then dry it off. Once, dry sprinkle flour all over and rub it down with a dry cloth for a sparkly finish.

Another use of cooking spray

Cooking spays are a great way to minimize how much fat you use while cooking, with only a few calories per spray, but did you know they can be used for cleaning, too? Try using your cooking spray in the bathroom on your bath and the taps. It will make quick work of scum in the bath and will have your faucets shining in no time.

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