Simplified Business Money Management: A Guide for Owners and Operators

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Small business owners are weighed down by several concerns, and money management is one of the heaviest. But you can ease your mind if you know you’re following important guidelines. When you’re prepared, there’s less room for nasty financial surprises (like penalties) down the line.

Accounting can be frustrating when you’d rather be digging into the fun parts of your business. You’re only human, so having a game plan, great habits, and the right assistance can minimize the inevitable human errors.

Are you running into roadblocks with the finances of your small business? These business money management tips and resources will ease your troubles!

Business vs Personal Expenses

There’s often a temptation to take a little from there and use it there. Try to make a personal rule for yourself not to mix them. Excuses to take small dips into either will lead to confusion.

You can muddy other things up as well, such as accounting records, personal liability, tax issues, and more. To keep things efficient and organized, you can even make paystubs online!

Creating separate personal and business budgets is key. There’s great software out there to track money flow. Don’t mix up your business and personal credit cards and loans.

Negotiate Before You Sign

Always negotiate a better deal. Before you make purchases, sign contracts, etc. put some effort into this. Practice some scenarios in your head. Think of past agreements where you could have saved some money.

Grace periods and payment penalties are purchase terms you can change. Try to get some extra time to pay it off and 5% off the total, for example. Just as fees add up, so do time and discounts!

Stay on Top Of Your Bills & Taxes

It’s important to manage a business’s finances with an eye on detail because a lot could backfire on you. Pay business bills (and taxes) on time. It’s worth setting your mind to it because those late fees/penalties add up.

Set up reminders! To really get good at being diligent, take the time and set those up so you don’t have that weighing on you. Consider this one of the most important money management tips.

Frugality is Your Friend

Save a penny here and there on other things in your life. There’s plenty of good furniture and office supplies out there that aren’t overpriced. Office equipment and hardware are available at a discount refurbished.

Learn Introductory Accounting

Taking an introductory accounting class can help you make better financial business decisions overall when it comes to business finances and cash flow. You don’t have to fire your accountant, but try to stay aware of your business’s financial management and stay on top of your business budget.

You’re the Boss of Your Business Money Management!

No matter what happens, remember you’re in charge of every aspect of your business. Improve your business money management skills and stay disciplined and determined. This will serve you greatly in the long run. You’ll feel empowered rather than angry when small problems inevitably arise.

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