Simple Hacks to Increase Your Air Condition’s Cooling

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Undeniably, air condition’s bills can cover up almost half of anyone’s total utility expenses. Having said, air condition industry stands one of the largest trading industry around the world. On top, summer is considered as the glorious month for air condition selling companies.

With not much time left for summer to arrive, we have listed the top no-cost ways to increase the cooling efficiency of an air conditioner, saving hefty amount on an electricity bill.

In essence, we went through individual testing and detailed reviews to come up with genuine and effective ideas for improving both the heating and cooling efficiency of an air conditioner. Having said, we aimed to identify low-cost ways and measures that could help greatly.

How to Increase Heating/Cooling Efficiency of an Air Condition

Following are the ways through which you could keep air conditioning systems healthy and sound, irrespective of the weather conditions:

Take Care of an Outdoor Condenser Unit

The outdoor unit would work most efficiently when they’re cleaner and free of debris. Having said, you can search for ways to clean an outdoor on the internet to do the job most effectively.

Regularly Vacuum Indoor Vents to Keep Them Unblocked

Unblocking indoor vents is essential and useful in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Having said, you can vacuum dust and debris off from indoor units’ vents, ensuring a steady airflow through your system.

Also, you should keep items away from the AC vents such as blinds, curtains, furniture, and others to ensure they don’t block the vents.

Increase the Thermostat

Irrefutably, this step is the most helpful yet undesirable by people. However, increasing an AC’s thermostat by few degrees could save a lot of electricity and condenser’s lifespan.

Also, you could use a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically for different times in a day. This could help you maintain a pleasant environment at home when you’re away.

Clean the Drain Line

Fortunately, there’s a drain of the indoor cooling coil that is mounted above furnace in the basement. You can flush a cup of chlorine bleach down the air conditioning drain, and then rinse it with a gallon of water, ensuring hygiene of drain throughout summer.

In this way, you could keep drain line clear, keeping the basement free from taking in water when drain becomes block.

Ensure Proper Insulation of Any Exposed Ductwork

Essentially, you should check that ductwork that goes through unconditioned space is adequately sealed, ensuring there isn’t any leakage of conditioned air. Also, you can fix any visual leaks using a specialized duct-sealing tape.

However, make sure that professionals check that duct tape work next time they visit for maintenance. Not to forget, the ductwork should be insulated by the material of proper thickness. In this way, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by maintaining the investment you make.

Final Words

Lastly, make sure to have your air-conditioning unit examined by checked by professional once a year. Also, always buy AC unit from renowned providers such as National Air Warehouse. In this way, you would be sure about the proper condition of equipment, connections, and ductwork of an air conditioner.