SEO Tips for First-Time Online Marketers

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Websites from all across the online world turn to search engine optimization or SEO to promote their pages. This is the process of making pages more attuned to how search engines assess and index online content.

By doing SEO, website administrators are increasing the chances of their content being seen and read by their target audience.

Now, if you run an offline business, it’s wise to establish your online presence. Of course, you need to do SEO in order to be successful. In this article, we present three important things about SEO that you need to bear in mind all the time.

Focus on your expertise

More often than not, you are in your field because you are somewhat an expert in it. You spend years studying it, and you are now spending even more years putting into practice what you’ve learned. When you put up a website, it will be best to just stick to creating content about topics that you know a lot about. We understand that writing about other stuff to increase your reach can be tempting; but this can do more harm than good in the long run.

You see, Google and other search engines have become more clever in their assessment of websites and pages. Instead of just looking at the keywords targeted by each page, they also take a look at the other terms used in the text. Do they make sense? Are they terms that usually go with the particular topic? In other words, they are now also starting to understand the meaning behind the symbols.

If you are writing content for a website about title loans, the topics that you cover should be about relevant stuff such as title loans calculator and online title loans no store visit since we are experiencing a pandemic making it more relevant. This way, you signal to the search engines that you are treating the topic with depth. In turn, these search engines will look at you as a reliable content producer who really knows what you are talking about. Being viewed as reliable is important here because the topic involves money, which is always a sensitive topic.

Establish authority

Google and other search engines will consider you an authority if other similar pages link to you. So that you can achieve this, your content really has to be not only accurate but also noteworthy. With this, there really is a need for you to do research before you write and publish anything.

To enhance your chances of getting referenced by other pages, you may resort to offering your content. Contact other website admins and let them know about what you have come up with. Another thing that you can do is write guest posts on other people’s websites. If you really are an expert in your field, many sites will be willing to allot a page or two for what you have to say.

Be trustworthy

Building trust is as important online as it is offline. To gain trust, you must make it easy for readers to contact you. Simply adding a short biography and contact details can do wonders as far as trustworthiness is concerned. If you are someone who talks about loans, planning, and other financial stuff, introducing yourself and making yourself available for dialogue becomes even more important.

Making it big online does not happen overnight. It involves a fair amount of strategizing and image-building. The things we shared here should be enough to get you started.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Small Business.