Science Behind Pump Supplements

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Pumps are the thing these days, and everyone wants to experience the pump, but most people don’t know the science behind it and what makes it work. Yes, they are gratifying, some have even likened the feeling of it to the feeling of an orgasm, which is not far from the truth because of the rush of endorphin release associated can be likened to what is experienced during sex; but still, it is only necessary that you know how pumps work so that you can make the best use of them during your workout sessions. An adequate understanding of how pumps work and why they work can differentiate your experience from those who don’t know.

There is no doubting the fact that supplements help make a better pump. The good thing is that there are some really very good supplements out there that you can take for a better pump in the gym. However, not all supplements being marketed out there are as good as the makers claim. You can, however, figure out which of the supplements will be good for you by taking some advice from friends, a gym instructor, fitness consultant, or even some reliable online reviews.

If after taking good supplements, you still find it hard achieving a decent pump, it is probably because your muscles are not well fed or hydrated. Without a healthy lifestyle, it may be hard to achieve a decent pump. As such, you must eat a clean diet, which should include a decent amount of carbs that will help your muscles achieve massive pumps.

Besides good nutrition, you can also include some of the following key ingredients which will help you achieve greater muscle pumps.

Beetroot Juice

Beets have recently been hailed as the best whole food anyone can consume before working out. There is good evidence to back this up. A study carried out recently on 15 recreational fit men and women of average age showed that consuming about 200grams of beetroot (which is roughly about 500mg of nitrate) caused a significant improvement in their running velocity. Also, another research conducted in 2011 and published in the Journal of Applied Physiology concluded that beetroot juice helped to improve exhaustion time, blood pressure as well as the uptake of oxygen when walking and running. Since beetroot is full of Nitrate, and Nitrate supplementation has been confirmed to improve physiological response, taking beetroot juice just before workout will help to improve your stability in the gym.


Betaine is derived from amino acid glycine. It is a trimethyl present in many foods which includes spinach, beets, shellfish and spinach. Research has shown that Betaine supplementation can help boost endothelial Nitrate Oxide induced blood flow, which helps to deliver better performances during workouts, increased strength and also increased pumps. It also helps to protect the cells of the body from dehydration by mimicking osmolytes which increase water retention in cells.


Curcumin is a supplement that helps to boost the nitric oxide generation in the body. A research conducted and published in the Nutrition Journal showed that after taking an 80mg dose of curcumin for a month, there was a significant increment recorded in the Nitric Oxide composition in the muscles of the body. While this is still an ongoing research, the evidence is hard and obvious.


Epicatechin is a type of antioxidant that is often confused to be cocoa extract. While cocoa extract remains a great source of epicatechin, it is not the only source available for it. It is also found in apples and teas in lower amounts.

Epicatechin also has been reported to enhance the bioactivity of NO by helping to prevent it from oxidation which causes the breakdown. They do this by improving the flow-mediated dilation of the arteries as the blood flow increases. They also help to increase insulin sensitivity. If you intend to get Epicatechin from the cocoa bean, the dosage is about 500-1000mg. For those who love eating dark chocolate, about 40 grams will be okay to remove the need for other pump supplements.

A lack of understanding of the science behind pump supplements is why people don’t achieve desired pumps during workout sessions. This is also why many will discredit pumps, qualifying it as ineffective and a waste of time. Pumps work when used with the knowledge of how they work. What you will achieve with pump supplements in your workout cannot be compared with workouts alone. The experience as well as the results cannot be compared in any way.