Save Money and Time on Postage with These Effective Tips

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If you’re getting tired of all the money you’re investing in postage, you’re definitely not alone. Sending mail has started to become more expensive, and consumers are really needing to work to pinch their pennies.

If you’re getting tired of spending excessive amounts of your money on postage, try following these tips.

Reduce Packaging

Another way to save on sending postage is to reduce the amount of packaging you’re using. Although the UK post office uses size to measure costs, they also include weight with these evaluations. While it might feel necessary to include a great deal of packaging on an item that you want to keep sound, you need to be rational as well. Revise exactly how much packaging you actually need and remove it. This can play a big difference in keeping you below a certain tier of postage expenses.

Franking Machine

Altogether the most optimal way to save money and time on postage is by using a franking machine. A franking machine is essentially a device that prints a barcode in place of the traditional postage stamp, and it does so conveniently right away. It also has the added benefit of being able to weigh and measure your package. As the UK post office includes measurements as well as weight for packages, this can give you an idea if you need to reduce either. Tariff prices and regulations will be being changed in March 2020. Given the recent 2020 tariff updates its best to find more about the prices from your local post office. This way you can avoid accidentally paying more than you should.

Franking machines also offer the best cost efficiency when it comes to purchasing postage. No other alternative will save you the money that a franking machine does. However, there is a cost associated with purchasing one, so it might only be warranted for those who own businesses or send lots of mail. You’ll also avoid having to go purchase stamps with this option.

Fold Your Letters

This might seem like common sense to many people, but folding your letters will reduce the cost of your postage. If you’re sending anything like pictures and you don’t want to risk folding them, try cutting them so they’ll fit inside the package. Even if documents are relatively important in many cases it doesn’t make a big difference if they’re folded. Folding your papers can bring you down a tier in the cost evaluation of your postage and save you some money.

Send In Bulk

In many cases you’re able to get a discount with the UK post office by sending multiple items in bulk. This might not be something that you’re aware of, but this is sourced right off of their official FAQ. The example that they used led to savings of £14! This discount is only incorporated with certain services so be sure to check and see if you’re eligible. Another downside is that you need to be sending the packages to the same address. However, if you’re sending multiple items to one address, and then multiple items to another address, during times like Christmas this is perfect. You might save far more than you thought you would.

Use The Right Kind Of Packaging

In addition to reducing the amount of packaging you’re using in your postage you may want to use a lighter form as well. The UK post office sells bubble wrap infused envelopes which reduces the need for you to stuff on your own. These envelopes are also going to adhere to the standard that they use for marketing prices and you won’t need to worry about being slightly over the acceptable size. Alternatively, you can choose to find a lighter form of packaging yourself. If you’re able to stay under the gram threshold you’ll be in the green light.

Claiming VAT

For some business customers, the Value Added Tax may be able to be claimed for some services provided by the postal office. While a great many services are free from having VAT added on them, some can be claimed. Review what the post office charges the VAT on, and see if you’re eligible to claim them on your taxes. This may help you recoup expenses during the course of business operations. The postage laws in the UK are changing, so make sure you’re staying up to date with the current laws.

Even though sending a letter or postage is more expensive than it has ever been, that doesn’t mean you can’t work to save yourself money. Whether you’re a consumer, or a business, there are many ways you can work to save yourself money. By applying these tips you’ll be surprised at how much time and money you haven’t lost on postage.