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Saint Lucia is a small insular country situated at the boundary of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Luxury villas and eye-catching beaches take the greatest part of the country’s territory. Highly developed infrastructure and tropical rainforests, vast variety of recreation residences – these are the main attraction for deep-pocketed tourists. A lion’s share of the state’s economy is dedicated to tourism.

However, people arrive here for something more than exotics and luxurious leisure time: the country is promising for the owners of large business. Saint Lucia is a tax haven state: accounts opened in its banks are known for high-level security and privacy.

Saint Lucia – company’s privacy and security

Local legislation earnestly protects the companies registered in Saint Lucia. Thuswise, authorities can even reject an international request for providing personal data related to an enterprise’s activity.

Despite all this, the country is still not a large world’s business or financial center. Yet, it’s even for the better: a great number of businessmen living in the country would make the government uncover some information about their entrepreneurship activities. However, today they do not require the data about the company’s owner or its board of directors, and it does not influence its legalness at all.

Apart from that, for foreign investors who have received St Lucia passport as the secondary one and have income from abroad Saint Lucia, taxation is held on a minimum level. There are a lot of tax allowances, and in certain cases a businessman even has an option whether he will pay taxes or not.

According to Migronis (, the citizens of Saint Lucia have an opportunity to visit more than 140 countries worldwide without a visa required of with visa receiving at the moment of arriving – it is handy not only for journeys but also for international business.

As in many other countries, any person can obtain St Lucia citizenship by investment. The program offers quite favourable terms. A person can become the citizen of Saint Lucia by the following investments:

  • non-refundable contribution to the National Economic Fund (additional payments required for children and husband/wife) – the cheapest investment which is perfectly appropriate for owners of business in the other country;
  • investment to immovable property of tourism sector;
  • contribution to the projects proposed by the government: construction of waterway stations and port terminals, motorways, pharmaceutics, restaurants and research establishments.

The passport of Saint Lucia citizen grants you with access to one of the lowest taxation rates in the whole world and a legal tax residence allowing documents packages acknowledgement in European banks. Except for this, having Saint Lucia citizenship you can receive top security level for personal data protection in running international business.

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