Saatva Mattress: Something for Every Kind of Sleeper

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When it comes to mattresses, Saatva has a place of its own. If you are considering Saatva mattresses as your new replacement mattress, this review is for you. So what are these mattresses made of and what benefits do they offer? This is one of the Saatva mattress reviews that attempt to address all its features.

Mattress Construction

Saatva mattress belongs to the innerspring category of mattresses. It has both springs and foams inside, which makes it a lot similar to the conventional innerspring mattress. But there are certain benefits of foam mattresses too. It is specifically suited for you if you need a mattress that provides additional support. It has a coil-on-coil construction.

It has a special connected steel coil support system. The mattress’ base layer is placed on a coil system featuring over 840 tempered steel springs. This provides excellent durability. This makes it different from most other innerspring mattresses.

It is available in 3 different levels of firmness, including the following:

  • Plush Soft
  • Firm
  • Luxury Firm

Main Features

The key features of this mattress are described as follows:

  • Pressure Relief: Most people are likely to suffer from some kind of pain in the lower back, joints, shoulders, or hips. It provides optimal pressure relief for back pain. It isn’t as good for side sleepers, but it feels good when you sleep on your stomach.
  • Motion Transfer: If you want to sleep undisturbed on your bed, you would want a mattress that doesn’t enable high degree of motion transfer. While Saatva can keep most of the motion transfer off, it does transfer from motion. This should be expected since it has coil-on-coil construction.
  • Edge Support: The Saatva is the perfect mattress for those who lay special emphasis on edge support. There are many who tend to sleep or sit more on the edge. There is additional support for this mattress on the edge. This is because it features a foam encased anti-sagging edge support system. You may sit on the edge in any position, you will find adequate support.
  • Sinkage: Many users take the sinkage level of a mattress seriously. While some like to lie ‘in’ the bed, most would prefer to be ‘on top’. Saatva has average sinkage, which means that you will feel more to be ‘on top’ of it rather ‘in’ it.
  • Comfort: If you are heavy, this may just be the right mattress for you. It offers excellent support and the steel coil doesn’t degrade over time. The innerspring and coils work together effectively to provide required amount of bounce. This means that you can find an ideal sleeping position for optimal comfort.
  • Breathability: If you want to sleep comfortably, it is important to sleep cool. The body temperature falls slightly when you enter deep sleep. Saatva takes slightly more time than the average cool-down time. It is recommended to choose its Zenhaven mattress that cools at a faster rate than most other Saatva mattresses.

There are many other interesting points about Saatva. The 120-Night home trial policy gives you the chance to try the product before purchasing it. The company offers a refund if you are not satisfied with the mattress within this period.

Saatva Firmness Options

As already mentioned, Saatva is available in 3 different firmness options. The key features of each option are as follows:

  • Plush Soft: If you are not heavy and sleep on your back or side, you should choose plush soft.
  • Luxury Firm: If you keep changing your sleep positions, you should choose this Saatva mattress.
  • Firm: If you are heavy or sleep on your stomach, you should choose this option. It doesn’t create much sinkage.

Thus, Saatva offers several options to accommodate the sleeping needs of different users. While it is an innerspring mattress, it belongs to its unique category. You should weigh all its features before choosing it.


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