Reviewing EMERGE – A Startup Company Determined To Streamline Wholesale Businesses

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If you’ve been at all watching the tech industry in the last decade or so, then you’ve probably seen dozens of startup companies come and go. Many of these have been focused on the needs of small business owners who manage eCommerce marketplaces, wholesale businesses, considering the rapid growth in the number of online retailers during that time period. In spite of this apparently ever-growing market, however, an overwhelming majority of these companies have vanished.

Countless firms made huge financial mistakes. These are often called eCommerce startup errors by pundits because they’re so blatant. Plenty of companies continue to do things like mismanage their inventory and grow faster than the resources they have available to them.

It might look like EMERGE is the latest company poised to fail, it seems to boast one major advantage that most of these other companies have lacked – a clear business model.

Why EMERGE is Poised for Success

The founder of the company, Benjamin Yee, is an entrepreneur who ran a custom t-shirt printing business in 2011. This alone would seem to suggest that he has a good head on his shoulders, but transitioning from one industry to another can be difficult.

That’s where EMERGE’s product comes into play.

Notably, the entire startup is built around a single app that shares its name with the company. EMERGE App is designed as a cloud-based web application that can tackle the inventory needs of SMBs that might be finding it more difficult to manage the large number of products they now sell. Yee’s small team of developers claims to have put nearly 18,000 hours of work into writing the 450,000 lines of code that EMERGE is built on.

However, the real reason it seems poised to succeed isn’t the incredible amount of work that’s gone into it. Rather, it’s the fact that you can run it on almost any device.

Building the App

EMERGE App is a 100 percent cloud-based inventory tracking platform. Wholesalers and distributors can access their accounts from any device that runs a modern web browser. It works equally well on a giant desktop as it does on even a relatively dated smartphone.

Using the EMERGE App

In spite of the fact that it’s primarily designed for keeping track of inventory data, the app itself offers many other features that are useful for those who sell custom merchandise. This makes sense considering the background of the company’s founder.

Perhaps most notably, it can help with giving clients custom quotes. If a customer needs a quote right away, then the EMERGE App can export one as a PDF file. The on-the-go PDF function can also create sales orders and even virtually print emails from any device. This makes managing paperwork much easier.

A conveniently-placed “Tasks & Notes” tab gives users the freedom to store and share files across a network. This is much simpler than using a dedicated cloud-storage program to do so, which makes it seem far less redundant than it might seem. Those who want to be able to reliably access their entire repository without risking vandalism can even create an administrator account and lock it away behind a password.

Many small business owners like to know their sales reports on the go. You can monitor critical figures and use this information to make data-driven decisions. It’s another reason that people are beginning to take the program seriously in spite of the fact that it’s backed solely by a startup company that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Success on a Worldwide Level

EMERGE App has about 1000+ active users who are using the software to manage their businesses productively. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that they’re committed to internationalization. The app supports buying and selling goods with a number of currencies, for instance, which is especially important for drop shippers and other similar non-traditional retailers who have to work on a worldwide level.

Moving forward, it looks like EMERGE’s staff will continue in their quest to streamline wholesale and ecommerce management chores. This is a huge undertaking, and the company even admitted that they’re going up against popular industry favorites like Microsoft Excel.

However, their unique history and business model seems to ensure that they’re poised for success.

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