Review of the Excellent New Windows 10

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L ike you I am sure, Microsoft Windows and I go way back (Disclosure: I do some work with Microsoft.). Windows and I are old pals. And I am happy to note that, as with most of my old, good friends, we have had far more ups than downs together. For a while, Windows and I were inseparable, especially during those good old XP days (although we didn’t get along as well during the Windows ME age.)

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that Windows 10 is here, and it rocks.

That said, for the past few years especially, things between us have been great, and that is why I am happy to say that I imagine our bond will grow stronger with the advent and introduction of Windows 10.

It looks like my friendship with Windows has entered a new, more mature era. Windows gets me and it turns out that my old friend still has some new tricks under her (his?) sleeve (motherboard?)

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that Windows 10 is here, and it rocks.

Here are some of the things that I really like about this latest version of Windows:

First, working on Windows 10 is a smooth, seamless experience. The interface is fun and intuitive and happily, the Start Menu is back. Click it and you will see a list of your most used apps, File Explorer, Settings, All Apps, Standby, and Shutdown. You can customize this Start Menu too. Sweet.

Beyond that, one thing I really liked on Windows 8 were the resizable, movable tiles, and they have been retained in Windows 10. Being able to pin important things is very convenient.

Of course one thing that is critical to any operating system is being able to search files. Windows 10 lets you do this in two different ways:

First, you can easily find and use the search function as it sits on the taskbar. Search results are better than ever too, serving up files, apps, web results and more.

Second, there is Cortana. As I mentioned in a previous post, when I visited the Microsoft campus recently, I learned about a host of new ways that we will soon be communicating with our computers – beyond a mouse and keyboard. One of those is already here with Windows’ virtual assistant, Cortana.

Tap the microphone button and talk to Cortana. It will quickly find what you are looking for. And, like any good VA, Cortana can do a whole lot more – it can set appointments, reminders, updates, alarms, play music, give directions, and so on.

Speaking of finding information, Microsoft has finally put to bed Internet Explorer. Not my favorite web browser ever, Explorer did however get better over the years. But the new browser in Windows 10, Edge, is a winner from the get-go. For example, there is an annotation feature that lets you highlight and crop webpages to share with others.

Insofar as other media goes, Windows Media Center is now gone, replaced by the apps Music and Movies & TV. The Mail, Calendar, and Photo apps are also redesigned and better and more functional. And if you have ever used Evernote, you will like, use, and appreciate OneNote, also built into Windows 10. OneDrive too is built in, allowing you to store and share all of your info easily.

A final aspect of Windows 10 to understand is that it is not just an operating system for your desktop or laptop anymore. It is the standard being used across all Windows devices, making them much more integrated and interesting.

All in all, thanks to these great upgrades, my friendship with Windows looks like it will be continuing on as strong as ever.