Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Person with Disabilities

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Hiring qualified employees can be a daunting task in a tight labor market. Business owners have expanded their potential hire method to include persons with disabilities. You may find many qualified individuals with disabilities looking out for a job.

Most business owners tend to overlook the people with disabilities in the hiring process. They often face rejection after a lengthy job hunt, which can be utterly soul-crushing. It is vital to consider hiring a person with disabilities since they bring a unique set of workplace skills. In addition to gaining a qualified individual, there are other significant benefits of hiring persons with disabilities.

Positive Attitude

Most people with disabilities love their work and have a positive attitude at work. It has been shown that hiring people with a disability in the workplace adds highly motivated people to the workforce. The attitude rubs on those around them, subsequently increasing this positive inclination to fellow employees. Having people with disabilities creates a sense of goodwill and care around the workplace. Note that this positive attitude, in turn, helps spread cooperation and friendship amongst all staff across the organization.

Avert Legal Issues

It is essential to note that hiring disabled workers help prevent some legal issues for your organization. You may avert charges of discrimination of persons with disabilities in the workplace. You stand a better chance of complying with the disabilities act, which prohibits discriminatory practices against people with disabilities. The professionals behind say that understanding banned discriminatory practices in compensation, hiring, and firing in the Disabilities Act is needed. You will limit the risk of a lawsuit that can do immeasurable harm to your business in financial loss and damage your reputation.


Working alongside employees with disabilities, individuals who are not disabled become more aware of making the workplace inclusive to everyone. If you are reluctant to include individuals with disabilities in your recruiting efforts, you may be limiting your access to a source of talented workers. Note that people with disabilities are motivated by personal growth, job flexibility, and social inclusion. You may consider things you had never thought of before, such as accessibility difficulties faced by people with disabilities. Employees with disabilities may also teach their coworkers about other ways to accomplish different tasks.

Tax Incentives

When it comes to starting a new venture, among the many essential things you ought to consider is taxation. For a small business, especially, looking for ways to reduce their tax burden, hiring disabled employees can offer several significant tax benefits.

Companies may be eligible for a disabled access credit where small businesses can offset the cost of making their facility more accessible to disabled employees. Small businesses may also qualify for the work opportunity credit, which is available to organizations that hire striking employment workers. The tax breaks encourage employers to employ disadvantaged individuals who otherwise may find problems finding gainful employment. Organizations that make a concerted effort to identify and hire qualifying persons with disabilities can reap the benefits.


Studies show people with disabilities take less absent days and they are more likely to stay longer than non-disabled employees. A study found 40% of people with disabilities are likely to take fewer sick days, arrive at work on-time more often, and return from breaks more promptly over their coworkers. The disabled persons are hard workers and will take on tasks to the best of their ability. People with disabilities are less likely to get into work-related accidents. Therefore, employees with disabilities are aware and conscientious of safety in the workplace. Workers with disabilities keep a long tenure with an organization and are less likely to resign and move to another job. For employers, this means a stable and reliable workforce with fewer persons coming and going.

Increase Consumer Market

Most customers feel more favorable towards small businesses that hire persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities, their friends, and family purchase products and services from organizations that best meet their needs. You show this market sector that you care about their particular needs by hiring people with disabilities. You increase your opportunity to widen your clientele and bring in extra revenue. Besides, hiring workers with disabilities means you can test proposed marketing tactics among persons with disabilities.

Hiring disabled workers can provide critical legal, public relations, and productivity benefits. It is vital to note persons with disabilities stand to bring diversity, success, and increased motivation in the workplace. Persons affected by disability offer talented and untapped labor markets.