Quality Assurance and Testing: What Information is Relevant to Your Business?

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Any information pertaining to the quality of your business’s products and services is relevant to you. It’s that simple! Consequently, you should have hired a quality assurance manager by now who can carefully audit your company’s activities. This is so that they can verify that your firm is performing well and in a legally acceptable way.

Armed with the classic clipboard, checklist, and ballpoint pen, there are many things that a quality assurance advisor should look out for. Below, we look at what they may need to inspect to ensure your company is running properly.

Industry Regulations

Obviously, a business isn’t as simple as selling anything you like for whatever price that pops into your head. Products and services must be created and sold to meet minimum legal standards. This is done to enforce safety and to ensure that no business is acting like a little cheat. Furthermore, it can stop customers and workers being exploited too in their work conditions.

For example, there’re regulations if you want to run a building business properly; planning permission, staff safety, the quality and quantity of tools and resources used and available, etc. An oversight in these areas would be critical and would lead to a shoddier and potentially more dangerous build too. In the end, quality assurance and testing can make sure that there are no hazards in your products and services and that everything meets the safety criteria.

Accessibility Testing

Instead of only wondering how many people are using your products and services, you should also be considering who is using them. What demographics are you attracting? Additionally, what types of people are uninterested or even repelled by your venture? Must you pick and choose who you cater for, or can you offer something for everyone?

Your quality assurance and testing can help here. For example, you can ensure that people with disabilities can use your products and services and don’t feel discriminated against. Not only does that feeling put them off from interacting with your business, but they can bring your business into disrepute if they spread the word about your company’s inaccessibility. Consequently, this information is extremely valuable to your firm.

Software Testing

In today’s digital age, most businesses are now running on a software level too. Whether they’re partly leaning on automation to manufacture products and services or want the latest cybersecurity measures to be put into place, there’s a great to deal to manage. Of course, incorporating technology isn’t a ‘one-time’ ordeal, and all machines and their software need regular maintenance throughout the years.

Therefore, it’s important that all of a company’s data is tested to maximise company efficiency, For example, you may want to put Sogeti’s quality services into practice, ensuring that all of your systems are up to date and able to employ countermeasures in the event of faults or cyber attacks.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.