Productive lunch breaks: How to get the most out of your free hour in the day

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For some people it might be an hour, for others it might be less, but by law most of us require a lunch break.

The thing is, some of us choose to take advantage of this break, while others will use it as a literal break in the day. In other words, it gives them a chance to get up from their computer and head to the company canteen.

In an era where time really does seem to be of the essence, this period is absolutely invaluable. So many people say that they don’t have time for this, or that, and it means that they can’t get further in life. The truth is, this is five hours a week that you can have to develop your projects, and really make the most of your time.

Bearing this in mind, here are our suggestions on how you can really take advantage of your lunch break and make progress in your life as a result.

Suggestion #1 – Build your portfolio

This first suggestion isn’t necessarily designed for those of you who want to make your own path in business, but more for those of you who are working towards that dream job. As we all know, everyone starts somewhere, but there becomes a time where we really have to kick-on and move to the next level.

This is where your lunch break comes into play, where you can spend time building your portfolio for that elusive job. Whether it’s in an inspiring setting in Covent Garden, or if it’s even at your own desk, you can make some real progress in this regard.

We won’t speculate just how much you can get done in a week as it is going to vary depending on your profession. However, whether you are a graphic designer or a computer programmer, let’s just say that with twenty hours a month the sky is the limit for that portfolio of yours.

Suggestion #2 – Build your business

The same rules apply to this next section. Again, some of you might feel comfortable developing your business from the comfort of your desk in the office, while others might want to get away from such a setting and head into the city.

Regardless of your environment, the time you can use to craft emails to potential new clients or customers, or even develop the product that you are attempting to build is immense.

The best part about this time is that you know that you have to be back to the ‘normal office’ in less than an hour. It tends to mean that you’ll work more productive than ever before, with the dread of returning to the ‘normal job’ acting as motivation.

Suggestion #3 – Educate yourself

Of course, to take your career further you don’t necessarily have to launch a new business or career (not yet, anyway). For some of you, it might be about personal development. This might be to benefit your existing job, or even something completely unrelated to work.

This is one of those tasks where you probably can perform at your desk, as it’s not going to be a conflict of interests with your current employer. Whether it’s listening to podcasts, reading forums or journals or even participating in webinars, it can all supercharge your education in a field and help take you to the next level over time.