Podcast: Turn Your Passion Into Profit

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This episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Microsoft, is all about how to turn your passion into profit! It’s the ultimate goal, right? Find something you love and then figure out a way to make that your “job”. While it does depend on a number of factors, including a solid business plan, it can be an achievable feat!

To start of with, Steve takes a question from Jim in the Ask An Expert (Almost) Live segment. Steve brings up a good topic, in that it can be very expensive to expand your business. This can be true, but there are so many ways out there to accomplish this and the reward could be very lucrative. Steve provides some invaluable tips to help you expand successfully.

Then Steve is joined by Greg Wittstock. Greg is known as “The Pond Guy” and is the CEO and genius behind Aquascape. He formed his business at a young age and has been thriving ever since, even having his own show on Nat Geo Wild, called Pond Stars! He is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere and shares his stories of success.