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In this week’s Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Greatland podcast Steve gives you the tools you need to push through that late summer procrastination streak.  We all have it!  Vacations, nice weather, hanging out with the family; it’s easy to get distracted!  However, there is a way to have fun AND take care of business at the same time.

In Ask An Expert Live, Steve fields a question about how to create that needed momentum shift.  It can be so hard to get motivated sometimes!  Steve has some tips to help fight the procrastination bug, while still maintaining your sanity.  These are some good habits you can get into, to make your life so much easier.

Then, it’s time to test your small business knowledge!  We have the 2nd annual Small Biz Quiz on today’s show, where Steve will ask you questions from all around the spectrum of small business.  If you know them all, you’re doing fantastic!  If not, well then you’ve just picked up some trivia to stump your buddies.
-What happened to the execs that created the New Coke disaster?
-What year was the Small Business Administration founded?
-In the movie Risky Business, what business club was Tom Cruise’s character a member of?
All these and more, on this episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Greatland!
Don’t forget, you can submit your question for an “Ask An Expert Live” segment by sending an email to [email protected].

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Greg Nibler is the Audio Producer for the Small Business with Steve Strauss Podcast. He is a Podcaster/Producer, Actor and Voiceover Artist based in Portland, Oregon. You can see/hear more of Greg's work at Funemployment Radio and Digital Trends.