Podcast: Selling like Tony Little

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This episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss presented by Microsoft has a very special theme. The concept of infomercials started back in the early ’80s and they have since been refined into selling machines. On today’s show, Steve is joined by one of the most successful infomercial spokespersons of all time, exercise guru Tony Little. He’ll share some of his success stories and let you know how, as Tony says, “You can do it”!

In Ask An Expert (almost) Live, Steve takes a question from Scott. He wanted to know about why infomercials are so addictive. Steve let’s you in on some of the “secret” selling lessons of infomercial stars. You’ll learn about how those same principles can be applied to your small business!

Then the world-famous Tony Little joins the show. Known for his high-energy and enthusiasm, Tony has sold over $3 billion worth of products worldwide! He’s also the author of the new book There’s Always a Way: How to Develop a Positive Mindset and Succeed in Life and Business. Tony shares some of his great success stories, despite tremendous adversity and gives us all some advice we can use in our own lives and small business!