Podcast: Secrets of Sales Superstars

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This episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Microsoft, Steve covers the topic of Sales. No matter what kind of business you have, or what level your company is at, we are all Salespeople in one way, or another. There are different tactics that people employ, but why not look at the best? That’s what this episode is all about; Sales Superstars.

In Ask An Expert (almost) Live, Steve shares 7 tips that he has learned over the years. He draws from his own experience and the advice he has received from some of the Salespeople in the world. From sincere enthusiasm, to direct communication, to changing the entire concept of “selling”, these tips can help every entrepreneur.

Steve’s interview this week is with Deb Calvert. Deb was named a Top 50 Sales Influencer in 2014 and 2015 and is the author of the bestselling book Discover Questions® Get You Connected. She also is the President and Founder of People First Productivity Solutions. Deb shares her intensive research and experience, to let you know how how to be come a Sales Superstar!

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Greg Nibler is the Audio Producer for the Small Business with Steve Strauss Podcast. He is a Podcaster/Producer, Actor and Voiceover Artist based in Portland, Oregon. You can see/hear more of Greg's work at Funemployment Radio and Digital Trends.