PODCAST: John Ratzenberger

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On this week’s Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Greatland podcast Steve interviews a legend!  You may know him as Cliff from Cheers or from his appearances in every Pixar movie, but John Ratzenberger is also a tremendous advocate of Small Businesses.

John has teamed up with the Made In America Store to help promote the importance of buying American-made products.  He is truly a fascinating person, with great advice, insight and wonderful encouragement for Small Business and Entrepreneurs.  He’s also got a fantastic Gift Box, full of products from Small Businesses from all over the U.S.

Steve also has the tale of Rusty’s Famous Cheesecake.  Rusty took a passion project and turned it into one of the most successful businesses in his field.  Who doesn’t want to be successful AND love what they do?  You’ll learn how Rusty did it and what tips you can use for your passion project.

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