Podcast: Getting The Help You Need Doesn’t Cost, It Pays

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This episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Microsoft, is about learning that we can’t do it all by ourselves. As determined as we are as Entrepreneurs, we have to remember to take advantage of the resources available to us. In the Ask An Expert (Almost) Live segment, Steve talks about why it is not beneficial to take on too much. There is some wonderful advice and the best part is that you’ll learn that getting the help you need doesn’t cost, it pays!

In this week’s interview, Steve is joined by Rob Biederman and Patrick Petitti! Rob and Patrick are the co-founders of Catalant (formerly known as Hourly Nerd). Their company builds technology that enables the world’s best companies to work with top experts for on-demand needs. They give a fantastic interview explaining how their company got started and how they can help you grow yours.

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Greg Nibler is the Audio Producer for the Small Business with Steve Strauss Podcast. He is a Podcaster/Producer, Actor and Voiceover Artist based in Portland, Oregon. You can see/hear more of Greg's work at Funemployment Radio and Digital Trends.