PODCAST: Digital Marketing Made Easy

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On this week's Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Greatland podcast, we talk all about Digital Marketing. It has never been more important to your business than it is now.  Why not start off the new year with all of the right information to take your business to the next level?

Steve goes through the top 10 trends coming to a business near you in 2015. Every one of these tips can help you get ahead of the game.  For example; Is Facebook the most effective way to market online?  Surprisingly no!  Steve explains it all in this segment, along with a ton of other fantastic ways to market your business.

Then, Steve interviews Alex Rodriguez, author of Digital Bacon.  Alex has created successful digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 and global brands, helping them to increase sales by the millions!  You can apply his techniques to your own small business and learn how to increase your sales substantially.  It's incredible information that you cannot afford to ignore.

Don't forget, you can submit your question for an “Ask An Expert Live” segment by sending an email to theselfemployed@yahoo.com.

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