Podcast: Create Your Own $100 Startup

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This episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Microsoft, is all about getting your Startup off the ground. How do we do that? Well it takes a lot of things, including persistence, a vision, a product, etc. It also takes….money! Today we cover how you can create your own $100 startup.

In Ask An Expert (almost) Live, Steve takes a look at some ways to market your new business. Starting your business on a shoestring does not have to be a hindrance. There a number of ways to build your brand and presence with out breaking the bank.

Then Steve speaks with an entrepreneur of the truest form. Chirs Guillebeau is an inspiration, having visited “every country on Earth” in the last 10 years! He has spoken to people all over the world that have done remarkable things, in unconventional ways. He is also the author of many books, including The $100 Startup.