PODCAST: How to Become Your Own Boss

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In this week’s Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Greatland podcast the topic is how to become your own boss.  Isn’t that the ultimate dream?  Have you ever wanted to shuck aside working for someone else, create a business you love and make a living off it?  Well this episode has a lot of guidance to help you reach that goal!

In the start of the show, Steve shares his own experiences in starting out and finding his career.  It didn’t happen right away and it took some tough decisions to break away on his own.  However, the reward was very much worth it and you can do it too!

Then he is joined by Barbara Winter, author of Making A Living Without A Job.  This book not only influenced and helped guide Steve’s career, but thousands of others!  She has some amazing tips that will help you reach your goal of becoming your own boss.

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