Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2015

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Today, most online businesses want to be sure that they have the latest, not only in terms of their website design and layout, but also in their marketing and advertising techniques. But everything is changing so fast – mobile marketing, social media, Instagram . . .

Now that everyone is on the go, everyone would rather browse or skim.

Which will really make a difference going forward?

Below is a list of online marketing trends that you will surely find useful or beneficial as you venture out into next year.

say Hello to Connected Devices and Services

From GPS to Wifi to Guilty Dogs, who would even know that the World Wide Web would have become handy? Look what’s next:

Google Glass, Samsung’s Gear Watches, tablets, Wifi-enabled digicams, Internet TVs, and more are few of the latest gatdgets that will continue to change the way the world communicates and interacts with the rest of the people in the planet.

Take for instance those wifi-enabled fitness equipment that allow a consumer to stay fit without necessarily stopping his interaction with clients via chat or email. Apps for smartphones have been developed not only for the purpose of communication but to assist consumers in their utility needs. Experience ease in paying your bills online or through mobile without the hassle of falling in line or study at the comforts of your home with video-based modules through digital educational programs.

And as long as we continue to seek for comfort and convenience, these devices and services will also continue to develop and evolve in the year 2015 and counting.

Content Marketing is still King!

The ability to effectively connect with the consumers is one of the many secrets of successful businesses. This is the reason why so many merchants actually have blogs, videos, podcasts available for their consumers. Others use email marketing, e-newsletters, and provide eBooks to their customers.

Regardless of the method or material used, content marketing is king, and will continue to be because it strengthens the bond with between customers and businesses.

To improve visibility and reach, most businesses invest in sponsored content; many companies sponsor content from various editorial and publication sources to organically target and drive relevant traffic to their site.

Simply put, relevant content can mean increased relevant audiences. In 2015, this is SEO re-defined!

Social Media + Mobile Apps = Perfect Combo

Most people are active in social media networks nowadays and of course represent a significant portion of potential customers and consumers for many businesses.

With mobile marketing, targeting and reaching out to these consumers and customers becomes precise, real-time, and convenient. Interaction and effective or productive engagement are guaranteed with the use of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing makes the most out of apps. Communication becomes specific and unique with the use of these apps. Whether the app is for chatting (like the very successful WeChat) or for sharing of videos and images (like Mobli), the use of these apps becomes more effective if the right audience are active online and the business model is appropriate for the mobile apps platforms.

So in 2015, the key still is to share through social media. Add social sharing widgets to your web sites and make all content shareable. Communicate simply and uniquely with apps. Most importantly, go MOBILE to achieve real-time ROI.

 Hello Social Advertising – Goodbye Display Ads

As marketers invest on sponsored content, they will continue to spend online. So this next year, we forecast a great rise in the investment spent on social advertising. Why? Simply because everything is now moving more and more online and mobile.

It’s important to retain site visitors and to convert their clicks into sales. With shorter time of stay and visitors leaving your site without sales mean less or no traffic. This is, in reality, what’s happening to almost all web sites.

Let’s look at Facebook – it’s news feeds and right-hand ads. Each of this ad is put in front of every user, the perfect place where almost all users interact. The possibility that this will be missed is very minimal.

Knowing that social advertising is more effective in catching the attention of your targeted audience, the next step is to learn how to properly and effectively make use of this social advertising. Experiment. For instance, play with timing. Is it best to send out your social ad any time or during peak hours?

“Play” Those Ads

According to MediaMind, consumers are 27 times more likely to watch online video ads than standard or regular banners found on web sites or blogs.

So in 2015, add fun to your consumer’s day by converting their work into play and their boredom into entertainment. Incorporate your ads into videos, merge ads and videos, or simply create video ads to keep your audience or market.

Go Visual

Now that everyone is on the go, everyone would rather browse or skim.

Visuals are processed faster than plain text even for individuals who are not visually oriented. Online users are absolutely more drawn to visuals, such as infographics, images, and videos, than to text. These same materials are viewed more than plain text materials.

This 2015, try using press releases with images. Aim to retain your brand to each and every target audience by creating ads with graphics or videos. Go beyond the box and find leverage outside usual graphics platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Slideshare.

If you can make a perfect combination out of the hot trends mentioned above, you will surely create that perfect sauce to capture the attention of your targeted audience. You will widen up your market. Most importantly, you will increase your revenue.

Joshua Uebergang is the Director of Digital Darts, an Australia digital marketing agency to help companies increase traffic, leads, and most importantly sales. Find him on Twitter.