Now is a Good Time to Take Care of Your Furnace: Here’s Why

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The need for a furnace during the summer is rare, and it will often sit unused for months at a time. When the winter months start coming in, then ensuring your heating equipment is fighting fit is essential for a comfortable winter period. There’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea to watch your favorite film on a Sunday whilst being warm and toasty.

For this to be a reality, you need to make you take care of your furnace and do some preparation work before firing it back up. Now is the best time to have a look and see if there’s anything you need to do. But why is now the perfect time, and what should you do?

Why Is Now A Good Time?

During the summer months, you don’t tend to use your furnace because the weather usually gives enough heat for the house. This means it’s the perfect time to do any maintenance work as there’s very little chance you’ll have to turn it on.

As it’s been a while since you last used the furnace, there’s every chance you might need some new parts. According to the professionals from, there are a few issues that can occur regarding your filter. If this is the case then you might have to wait a while for the parts that are needed for a fix to come in. If you wait too long and start your maintenance, you could end up waiting for a fix during the colder months. Not something that’s going to sit well with your family.

What Should I Be Checking?

There are many components when it comes to your furnace or heating system. This means there are plenty of things to check before turning it back on for the winter. Take a look at the following list for a few ideas of what to check.


As previously stated, there are a few things you should check regarding your furnace filters. Dust and dirt tend to be a pretty big problem. You should be mindfully checking the filters, cold and other airflow parts every year to ensure they are free from debris. Without being clear, they won’t be able to do their job properly. Either clean your filters or replace them completely.

Check The Thermostat

One thing people tend to forget is to check to see if the thermostat is working correctly. Turn on your furnace to see how it’s working. If it’s making any noises that you aren’t used too or it smells differently from your heating vents, then it might be time to take a look at the thermostat. Either replace it or get a professional to diagnose what the problem is.

Check For Drafts

Having a drafty home is going to mean your furnace isn’t going to work to its full potential. Looking for areas in the home where heat might escape will allow you to fix them or block the drafts, enabling your furnace to heat away with no energy loss. Anything like a broken window, or a door seal that’s not working properly, should be fixed during this time to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Meter

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless toxic flammable gas formed by incomplete combustion of carbon. This isn’t something you want to be floating around the home as it’s dangerous to humans. Checking your alarm and replacing the batteries in them is essential to ensure they’re working correctly. In doing so, you would get a proper reading that would warn you when Carbon Monoxide levels are getting too high.

Write Your Concerns Down

If you notice any issues, then it’s best to write them down as and when you find them. Note it down in a diary with the date and a description of what you believe the problem is.

It’s important to do this for the next time a professional comes out to service or fix your furnace or HVAC system. You can show them everything you have written down and explain your concerns. This might help them fix the problem quicker.

Get A System Service

It’s advised to get a system check-up from a professional twice a year. The summertime is one of the perfect times for you to do this, so it’s ready for the change in weather. Take out your list you have written down and ensure to show it to them, so they know and understand what you believe the problem is.

Don’t have a cold house during the winter. Take the time to go through these checks now when it’s not going to affect your heating system. If there’s anything you need to do, then you’ll have plenty of time to complete it before the colder months start setting in.