Nine Reasons Why Google Blocks Your Account

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Every day, thousands of users around the world register and launch campaigns in Google Ads. Many of them, at least once, are faced with the problem of blocking their ad account. In this article, we will figure out why it happens, how to avoid being banned, and what to do if your account is already blocked.

Nine Reasons Why Your Account Is Blocked

Many advertisers who are faced with blocking for the first time do not want to delay the promotion and immediately register a new account. However, it doesn't solve the problem: Google analyzes matches by domain, payment information, users, IP address, etc. The complete list of parameters is huge, so the best way is to understand the reasons for blocking and eliminate them. For example, people use Cleantalk to carry out the IP blacklist check and ensure that this is not the problem for blocking.

Google Ads account may be blocked for violating the Terms and Conditions. Let's take a look at the most common reasons for it:

  1. Unauthorized access – it is easy to fix by filling out the relevant form, which proves that the account belongs to you.
  2. Financial issues – most often, such a ban occurs due to the payment delay, which you can remove by paying off the debt. Other reasons can be fraud-related: abuse of promotional codes, suspicious activity related to payments, etc.
  3. Bypassing the system – one of the most common reasons for blocking accounts.
  4. Manipulations with facts – for example, when promoting weight loss products and fitness programs with a guaranteed result.
  5. Fake goods – Google strictly prohibits advertising products that copy existing brand offerings, even if there is a clear indication that the product is a copy.
  6. Invalid content – it includes profanity, the propaganda of intolerance, crime scenes, etc.
  7. Promotion of unauthorized pharmacies.
  8. Inappropriate business models.
  9. Unscrupulous methods of boosting traffic.

Try to remember what actions you had taken before the account was blocked. Perhaps, this will help you understand what caused the ban. Until the violations are eliminated, the Google block will not be removed.

Appeal Submitting

After you've reviewed your landing page, ad content, and resolved possible reasons for blocking, you need to fill out an appeal form. At the very end, you will find the “Description of the problem” field where you have to indicate what assumptions you have regarding the reason for blocking and what procedures were carried out to eliminate violations. Even if you believe that the reason for blocking is wrong, do not leave the field empty – write why you think so and what you have managed to check.

After you have submitted an application for re-verification, you should receive a notification that the application has been processed. The process of unlocking an account is rather unpleasant and complicated. However, if you have not violated the rules of the service, then the chances of unblocking your account are very high.


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